Should We Still Care This Much About GTA 5?

Gi - When GTA 5 releases this September it will be on the cusp of a new generation of gaming hardware. In the past, Grand Theft Auto was the very essence of open world gaming, partially due to the fact that there wasn’t anything else like it. The open world was packed full of social commentary, pop culture references and gameplay that defined what a sandbox game should really be. When Grand Theft Auto 4 came out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it still retained some of that magic formula, but opted for a more serious attitude for the main character, rather than the typical drug lord or gangster power fantasy. It was certainly refreshing but when it came time to get silly, the crazy weapons and go kart handling was sorely absent. With an increasing number of games being set in open world environments, can GTA 5 keep the series on its open world throne or has it already it already been usurped? Or is the hype surrounding the game even deserved?

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josephayal1667d ago

the only game that can steal gta v's thunder is the next saint row

Ezz20131667d ago

i have to say you are doing an amazing job a trolling people here
and they fall for your trap every time you comment

josephayal1667d ago

This is just my personal opinion

NastyLeftHook01667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

grand theft auto is like (Metal gear solid)

saints row is like ( splinter cell)

everyone knows which one is better. even though there both alike.

@logicwins, wow thanks, i did not know that.

LOGICWINS1667d ago

Which one is "better" depends on who you ask.

Cam9771667d ago

I'm sorry but that's completely wrong. Saints Row will never hit the heights of GRAND THEFT AUTO. Never.

Heavenly King1667d ago

@LOGICWINS: Or just look at sales of each franchise.

phinch1667d ago

With Gta 4 selling 10.66 million on the 360 and 9.66 million million on the ps3

and saints row the 3rd selling 2.44 million on 360 and 2.06 million on the ps3

.......saints row isn't doing much thunder stealing

sitharrefus1667d ago

Saints Row will NEVER still GTA thunder... GTA has that feel that we all like and no other game can compare to it. (played sr1 and 2)

BlmThug1667d ago

xD That's like saying CoD sales will be affected by Homefront

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dante1391667d ago

i like saints row but they should had made 3 and 4 into a whole new game gta is the better game

Agent_00_Revan1667d ago

You would have to be crazy not to care about gta5. Even with next gen coming.

ps3_pwns1667d ago

gta is cool but its getting to many delays in their games which just pisses me off. me and others start getting excited for red dead redemption series more these days.

ShAkKa1667d ago

GTAV? Rockstar? hell yeah we should care.

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