Will EA Revive NBA Live 14 For PS4 and Xbox 720?

For many years, EA’s NBA Live series was the premier basketball simulation for video gamers. They offered great graphics (at the time) and accessible enough gameplay to make the overall experience fun.

It seemed like the NBA Live series would go on forever much like the FIFA and Madden series. That is until recently when the NBA Live series went dormant. Will EA then revive NBA Live 14 for next generation consoles?

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RioKing1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Yes....they'll revive it....and cancel it again.

Ashunderfire861757d ago

Can you imagine this with the Fox Engine Photo Realism players!!!!

Derekvinyard131757d ago

These games are really disappointing compared to 2k

nevin11757d ago

They should start with a Vita version

2pacalypsenow1757d ago

Hopefully im getting tire of 2k they are getting lazy and greedy with the stupid coin system

black9111757d ago

MC NEw York 2pac was a fake thug from NEw york!!!

Kingthrash3601757d ago

2k needs the compitition. Live is nothing compared to 2k but 2k has been lagging imo. Things as simple as rebounding are broken this year...shows how lax they madden, I can only imagine how much better it would be if it had competition.

sensor211757d ago

2k has glitches guys stealing balls with they back turned 3 point records being broke every game live please come back

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