Top 7 Games To Play With Girlfriend

When gaming with your partner, it’s important it’s something that appeals to you both, otherwise you’re going to get bored. How about a Lego game? You think they’re just for kids?

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Sam Fisher1850d ago

This an article, I needed this. The only game my girlfriend plays is skyrim....

TuxedoMoon1850d ago

I'd Add a fighting game onto that list. Like Soul Calibur or Dead or Alive. Both have a really easy learning curve and DOA has an excellent tag mode. I'd also add Smash bros and power stone on there too for the same reasons.

GreenRanger1850d ago

I haven't been able to play a game with my girlfriend in a while.
I lost the pump that i use to inflate her.

greatcrusader441850d ago

This comment reminded me of this lol

Heavenly King1850d ago

Littlebigplanet, because the sackboys are cute XD

Serjikal_Strike1850d ago

Walking Dead (Ttg) is a great game to play with gf.
We had a great time playing it, and can't wait till the next series starts

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