Next Resident Evil is already in the works

"A source close to Capcom, let’s call him Gob, has told Geimaku that the next Resident Evil is already in the works and that it’ll be next-gen."

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jc485731880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

one of the things that really bothered me is how you guys go on about rebooting Resident Evil. The thing is, I find it very hard to visualize they can reboot this with new story, new characters, and what not. I guess Capcom is to blame for this because they really shot themselves in the foot with the reboot of DMC, which is DmC. And I know very well the game was handled by a different developer, but even Capcom has had their ups and downs or should I say out of touch with their usual ways of making games. RE6 is just sucking at making American hamburgers like for reals this time. I rather go back to the cheesy Japanese hamburgers they used to make.

Root1880d ago

I know I've said this before but if they reboot it but keep the same storyline/characters but change certain things which will effect future games then things can play out differntly and by the 4th game (when the plagas came around) things will have changed so much (the butterfly effect) that they can change the story so we have a fresh new experience but with the characters we love.

The first one will seem more like a HD remake but if they, lets say, don't make the mansion blow up at the end of the first game then it could make it so the zombies/experiments wander into Raccoon City earlier when the surviving STARS had just got back from the mansion, thus the Raccoon City incident starting earlier. We would have a game where Chris and Jill are in Raccoon City with Barry and Rebbeca. Then you have to think that Leon would arrive when the city is closed off, what about if he see's Claire trying to sneak her way in to find her brother and decides to help and Ada asks to tag along to find her "boyfriend" John.

....see even there by changing one thing you've created a totaly differnt second game, thus having a reboot but with a familiar setting that should stay true to it's roots.

You could have so many combinations

What if Claire got lost and met up with Carlos instead leaving Leon with Ada. There would be no Sherry since Birkin and his wife would probably have left earlier maybe he experimented on her and Sherry would be a future villain...who knows. It's their story and they can do anything they like, by changing a few things they are left with so many possibilities. Leon/Ada, STARS, Carlos/Claire you already have three games or three scenarios....obviously they should only focus on one since all those campaigns in RE6 were one of the many problems.

Walker1880d ago

Resident Evil 3 remake with Deep Down's graphics engine would be truly scary !

TrevorPhillips1880d ago

Bro, you took the words out of my mouth! :D

DevilVergilX1879d ago

All I want is good old Julia Voth Jill with a blue tank top and a white miniskirt again =D

pompombrum1880d ago

Be careful what you wish for, if they rebooted it, they'd probably turn it into an FPS knowing Capcom.

CEOSteveBallmer1879d ago

Reboot with specific goal in mind. 99% horror 1% action

Qrphe1880d ago

No surprise, devs can't sit around doing nothing everyday they go to work. I'm sure sure every big developer always works on its main IPs regardless of release cycles.

PS4isKing_821880d ago

Please bring back the horror and lab/mansion/night time type environments. Something like re remake and re zero but with a slight modern take but not too much. Leave out the co op, regenerated health crap as that takes away the horror element. And please don't give it to a western dev like what happened with dmc.

Plus capcom even said not long ago that a reboot or back to their roots for the next re was a possibility since they felt re6 didn't sell up to their expectations. I hope they weren't joking about that. I would love nothing more than to see re go back to its survival horror roots again.

nypifisel1879d ago

What made the first three Resident Evils good horror games was the fact that it seemed plausible (the first one especially) then the story just went apeshit, the further from reality something is the less scary it is.

I can pretty confidently say that the Resident Evil remake on Gamecube probably still is one of the best horror games to date (I did play all the original ones on PS1 back in the 90s too but the graphical fidelity in the remake compared to the older ones did really help with the atmosphere). So more of that please, more plausibility, less action and super zombie Wesker thingies.

fsfsxii1880d ago

Probably gonna suck as RE6

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