New Most Complete Details about the PlayStation 4

Targeting Sony PlayStation 4 to be "the main device in every living room," and build this system for the core gamers, "Sony primary target consumers." As said the Sony, dda five main principles of the system PlayStation 4: "Simple, Immediate, Social, Integrated, and Personalized."

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Qrphe1885d ago

So it's true then? No pressure sensitivity. How would Gaikai work again?

poopsack1885d ago

The handful of games that did work with analog signals will go from a 0 to 1 analog reading if the face buttons are purely digital, not that big a deal.

DJ1885d ago

Well, developers didn't really use pressure sensitivity in the first place, so it won't make a difference.

Blackdeath_6631885d ago

can't you just use the triggers would they serve the same purpose? anyway if what the killzone developer says is true then the developers had a big say in the design of the controller so obviously they weren't too bothered about it.

Qrphe1885d ago

You can't use the triggers in games that require such feature from other buttons (Metal Gear games and GTA games will be impaired through Gaikai).


some of the most amazing games are on their way for the ps3/360 in the next few months.

the problem is, knowing the ps4 is coming just makes everything else totally irrelevant to my gaming life.
Hurry :-(

2pacalypsenow1885d ago

Man I'm gonna miss that start and select button , also I don't understand that ps3 players not using the analog on ps3 can someone explain it better plz

M-M1885d ago

Same here, I was wondering about that myself.

poopsack1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

The face buttons of todays Dualshock are pressure sensitive (analog) meaning that games could react to how strongly you pushed them. Almost no one used this because gas and brake, shooting, etc (things that used to be on X, circle, triangle, square, which is why buttons like these would be needed) are now done standardly on the top buttons, which will remain analog. Digital buttons on the other hand only have an on and off setting, which the face buttons on DS4 will now be.

maniacmayhem1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

"The first player is blue, the second red, the third green and fourth pink"

-Why do I have to be pink....

-Because you're a ****ot!

First thing that came to mind when i read that.

But seriously, core gamer and pink? Not a really good choice.

Studio-YaMi1885d ago

I actually agree .. why the hell couldn't it be yellow or orange !? "which both works great next to green,blue & blue !"

DivineAssault 1885d ago

Its pink because on the controller, the face buttons have those same exact colors.. square pink, X blue, O red, triangle green..

inFAMOUS_KRATOS1885d ago

" why i gotta be pink "

-cuz your a square boy "

Studio-YaMi1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

@DivineAssault & inFAMOUS_KRATOS

O.M.G I feel stupid right now .. it IS the colors of the controller face buttons ! o_o

I am ashamed of myself ... :(

cryymoar1885d ago

I'll be the only non-virgin neckbeard in here to say this; maybe the pink controller is for the girls.

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Eyeco1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

After looking at Maniacmayhem's disagrees has no one here seen Reservoir Dogs ? Quentin Tarantinos first movie ?

DivineAssault 1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

i really couldnt ask for anything better in a nx gen console.. Its going to have cloud gaming too so its somewhat future proof.. Its got decent power under the hood & a fantastic amount of memory.. Improved Blu ray disc reading speeds as well.. I love the thing.. The new analogs are great & the vita functions have me drooling

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