Iwata Makes Wii U Update Announcement

Satoru Iwata has made a Wii U update announcement, on the Miiverse no less!

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BullyMangler1880d ago

all these wiiU updates feel so good. thainnks

PS4isKing_821880d ago

Can't believe you got disagrees for expressing your happiness over the updates.
But ya, I love it too. It shows Nintendo is commited to its customers unlike that "other" company. Can't wait to see the Nintendo conference at e3 and Sony's too. :D

1upgamer991879d ago

There are Nintendo haters on here who go around and disagree with any positive Nintendo comment made. I am not kidding.

Shnazzyone1879d ago

Yeah, i went from 5 bubbles to 2 from saying how much I liked when the GBA games were released for 3ds ambassador program after the 3ds price drop.

lovegames7181879d ago

Everyone here gets disagrees lol I think there are just ppl here that love to stir the pot and just disagree and then we are all thinking "damn look at all the %ucking Sony haters, Nintendo haters, etc.....

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banditscout1879d ago

I love nintendo, sony, and microsoft, but do any of you folks feel as shafted by the Wii U as I do? I was a launch day buyer, and legitimately feel like I have nothing left to play on this system. It's a bit frustrating.

SpiralTear1879d ago

I was a launch day buyer as well, and while I wouldn't say shafted, I do agree that there isn't much to play on the console at the moment. You pretty much have Monster Hunter, Lego City Undercover, and the launch games.

I'm sure Nintendo will deliver some good stuff this year, especially with their big list of franchises appearing at E3, but at the moment, it's pretty slim pickings. Decent pickings, but slim nonetheless.

Dgander1879d ago

Every console has problems with games at launch. Wii U's launch sucked but it is still better than Xbox 360 and PS3 launch line up if you look at the games they had. When you buy a console at launch you get what you expect, no one shafted you. After E3 everyone will forget all the (Wii U has no games) talk and shift that focus to either Sony or Microsoft.


Im on the opposite end to you. I missed Last Story, Xenoblade and Pandora's Tower on Wii, so I bought them on Wii U launch day (UK) along with Zombie U, NSMBU & Nintendo Land, and they've kept me gaming until I bought MH3U yesterday :-)

N4g_null1879d ago

I don't really feel shafted. I still have to beat ninja gaiden, the rest of Nintendo land, the rest of 2d Mario and zombi u. Along with a few other games.

Hey but if I'm looking for some thing new I'll just get bio shock on the pc really. Yet I'll be getting that pinball game, need for speed, du, monster hunter also for the ds and waiting for the other games to come out.

I sort of wanted to get a ps4 to catch up on some ps3 games at home. I think the ps3 will out sell the ps4 for a while just because of that.

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Shnazzyone1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Finally, netflix on tvii... once dvr is added it's gonna be sick.

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