The big Battlefield 4 interview: DICE leaves technology behind

EG:Having just an hour earlier listened to Sony delve deep into the power of the PlayStation 4, it comes as a bit of a shock to hear Battlefield main man Patrick Bach tell me that DICE is moving on from technology during our meeting at the Game Developers Conference.

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Hufandpuf1490d ago

"We are now focused on PC and the current-gen platforms, and then there might be other platforms in the future that we can't talk about...

One of them you can.

Patrick Bach: Yes, in theory, but we won't."

I know what that means!!!

Great interview!

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1489d ago

It means they are lying again. They don't focus on PC and haven't when they said they did for PC. They just put more players on maps that are unoptimized for them because it was mainly a console port and they're doing the same with this one since this is only Battlefield 3.5

Pandamobile1489d ago

In what way was BF3 a console port?

Irishguy951489d ago

BF3 was one of the only Multiplats that didn't do the whole porting the PC ****

Raven771489d ago

How can anyone disagree with him?

Look at the 64 player map layouts THEN look at the console layouts. It is blatantly obvious that the maps were made for the consoles first, and then they just tossed in extra flags for the PC version.

You can "disagree" with my comment all you want but its a fact so you're still wrong.

Reverent1489d ago

@Raven77, actually it was the opposite. I always noticed a bunch of completely unused areas of the maps like in Caspian Border, right under the huge tower. No one ever goes there so it always seemed like a useless part of the map, but then I saw some PC gameplay and noticed that there was a new objective placed there.

It's easy as hell to see that the game was designed with PC in mind, then ported to consoles. I don't know why you guys have to hate on everything like this.

And DONTE, by the way, I'm seriously surprised you still have more than one bubble. I don't think there's been a single comment section you've visited where you weren't blatantly trolling.

Raven771489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

DICE admits in 2011 that the PC was NOT the lead platform, it switched at some point to the consoles.

They also admitted in a different interview that they had a choice.

1. Make the PC version vastly better than the console version.

2. Offer the same experience across all platforms.

They admitted to choosing option 2. -

Lol at the disagree, I give you QUOTES from DICE and someone disagrees with DICE about their own game...insider info I guess.

Reverent1489d ago

@Raven, I wasn't aware of that. Thank you for pointing it out.

Raven771489d ago


You bet, most people seemed to have missed a few of DICE's follow up interviews where they basically admitted to lying (or at least concealing truth) about BF3.

T21489d ago

This is why pc vs. Nextbox vs. Ps4 are useless pissing contests. DEvelopers want one game for all with less cost .... They arent going to spend a ton of money optimizing . The best scenario for all is good consoles matched with good pc

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Pandamobile1489d ago

That was a fantastic interview.

Banok1488d ago

sure, if he was talking about a completely different game to the one in the gameplay video.

chukamachine1489d ago

How do you create better interaction with characters.

Press F to cut off leg.

Ahh that should do it.

Reverent1489d ago

*Completely disregards the beautiful facial animations and talented voice work*

Daver1489d ago

I will only get it on next gen console.

Detoxx1489d ago

I will get BF4 on PS4 and it looks freakin awesome

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