PlayStation 4's Blu-ray drive is 3x as fast as PS3's and PSN friends list cap raised

The PlayStation 4's new DualShock 4 controller can be charged even while the PlayStation 4 is turned off. The PlayStation 4's new Eye motion camera has a tilt sensor so it can tell players when its facing the wrong direction or if it's fallen off your TV stand. The PlayStation 4's Blu-ray disc drive is three times as fast as the PlayStation 3's. In case it weren't clear, Sony's PlayStation 4 panel at this week's Game Developers Conference wasn't chock full of major revelations, but it did provide plenty of interesting little details about the PlayStation 4 and its various hardware companions.

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StrongMan1397d ago

Just keeps getting better.

darthv721397d ago

so it can tell players when its facing the wrong direction or if it's fallen off your TV stand."

Would it actually yell out: "I've fallen, and I can't get up!"

Now that would be really cool. Okay, bad joke.

linkenski1397d ago

My worst fear has been resolved, thank god! Hopefully this gen will mean that we'll see the ending of overly long load times!

darthv721397d ago

are generally attributed to the amount of memory the data has to use. With 8gb, even if it were using the same bd drive, we would see improved load times due to such an increase in available memory space.

Having a quicker drive is just icing on the cake.

The_Infected1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

They have a 3x faster Blu-ray and they said it will work in tandem with the HDD to achieve even faster load times.

edonus1397d ago Show
TemplarDante1397d ago

Sony has made me, a core gamer, very happy :)

Checking every box, Sony.
Keep it up :)

M-M1397d ago

Sony's goal on loading times = -5 seconds.

AngelicIceDiamond1397d ago

All this sounds great, but I hope they're not over promising again.

Please Sony, deliver.

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Bathyj1397d ago

I thought they said 6 before. What are Pc drives up to?

NoOoB1011397d ago

it is at 6x...ps3 is at 2x for blu ray drive. ps4 will be at 6x speed for the reader now.

Bathyj1397d ago

Oh' thanks.
The article didn't really explain that properly and I thought the ps3 was 1x.
Bubble for helpful

Bladesfist1397d ago

We use HDDs or SSDs as they are much faster than optical drives.

CEOSteveBallmer1397d ago

Yeah but having a very large hard drive is expensive and a lot of people including me still wants physical media. In time digital is the way to go but today not yet. Not until everyone in the world has Internet connection at lightning speed just like electricity.

ijust2good1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

@bathyj Ps3 drive is 2x not 1x. PS4 has been confirmed as 6x. My PC bluray ray drive is 14x...thats 7x much faster than on PS4. So Sony went for cheaper one. Not suprising. The next xbox can go for the fastes 16x but i doubt it.

kneon1397d ago

14x would be 2.333.. times faster than the PS4, so I assume you mean ps3.

I have 12x, 14x and 15x bluray drives in my machines and they are too loud for a console. I expect they went with 6x not only for the reduced cost but also to keep it quiet.

TemplarDante1397d ago

3 X ( 3 times more than PS3)

The_KELRaTH1397d ago

My PC has a LG x16 Blu-ray R/W - likely not the fastest.

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EffectO1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

Memory is 16x larger though.PS3 like situation(partial install,hdd cache) won't help much.PS3 is riddled with loading times and yet it has 16x less memory to fill.

Fast hdd + full install would help but loading times are here to stay.

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