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porkChop1880d ago

I'm not buying it. I'm sorry Kojima, but Hayter's voice and personality are the heart of MGS. He IS Snake. The new guy they got doesn't even sound ANYTHING like Snake AT ALL. I was super hyped for this game, but that one stupid decision took all my hype away.

I'm really just not interested anymore. What makes it even worse is that according to David Hayter, they never even asked him or talked to him about the game at all. Never asked him to reprise his role or anything.

Root1880d ago

I was a tad annoyed but Naked Snake i s getting older now there has to be a point where he sounds different to Solid Snake

I guess if Kojima ever does MGS6 with Solid Snake SOMEHOW, then David will be back. I mean they cant keep doing prequels

PopRocks3591880d ago

I was going to say. If this is only because it's Big Boss, I can live with Hayter not voicing him. But Solid Snake and young Big Boss is another story...

Omar911880d ago

But snakes voice is already rough and raspy to begin with so how does he go from getting older and having a more smooth "clean" voice? it just doesnt make sense. David Hayter is snake. whether it be naked or solid snake.

porkChop1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

I see what you're saying, but this is 9 years after Ground Zeroes, which takes place shortly after Peace Walker. So Naked Snake is in his 40's. I don't see his voice changing THAT much at that stage in his life. Later on, sure. But it just seems off, especially since the new voice actually sounds younger than Hayter. It doesn't make sense.

I could maybe understand if they're leading up to a parallel MG 1 & 2 story where we play as Big Boss, because Solid Snake would be in the game as well and you couldn't have Hayter voicing both characters. But Hayter has said that unfortunately he will not be returning to the series. So that would leave us with a completely different Solid Snake voice as well.

Root1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

"But Hayter has said that unfortunately he will not be returning to the series. So that would leave us with a completely different Solid Snake voice as well."

So he isn't returning at all

Balls.....I really wanted to see Solid Snake again in the future.

I know I know, let him live out the rest of his days in peace like what MGS4 implied but a character like him can't just go away. I feel it was a horrible decision to make him old. Lets not forget we thought he would "live his life" at the end of the first Metal Gear Solid game with Meryl

Would be a great idea if for MGS6 they (new threat) kidnap Snake and experiment on him for years, curing his ageing problem so he's young again to make him look like his actual age but at the same time end up making it so they have ways to clone him so they can create powerful Genome Soldiers types for a new private army.

Anyway I can see where your coming from, I hadn't heard the new guys that much but yeah now that I'm aware he does sound younger.

Kojima better have a good reason for this....I hope people don't let it go because it's Kojima.

thechosenone1880d ago

yeah it does kind of suck but kiefer sutherland is a damn good replacement so I'm ok with the change.

Shuyin1879d ago

@ Root

Snake's age can't be 'cured'. It's no disease. It's the way his genes were manipulated..

Don't get your hopes up for another sequel. Kojima said it himself. Old Snake's storyline is DONE. And with the Patriots gone, there is no more enemy left to be fought aswell.

Root1879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Course it can be's their story, they make make up a way for him to be cured. It's not real life you a game you could have the cure for cancer, we don't have it but it doesn't mean you can't write it in. It is their story. What about if they find a way to change his genes or reverse them.

I remember when Halo 3 was the last Master Chief game...finish the fight and look who came back for Halo 4

Same goes with the enemy....your saying there's no more enemies left to make up a new threat, it's a big world out there. Peace doesn't last forever

As I've said they can't keep relying on prequels for the main MGS games.

infamousinfolite1879d ago

You did this sort of thinking with Infamous. Like you said 'It's THEIR game THEIR story not YOURS so if THEY want to end Solid Snake's story at MGS4 THEY can.

NBT911879d ago

... They CAN keep doing prequels. There is tons of room for potential backstory.
But yeah Hayter will reprise the role in the future I'm sure.

Either this is the biggest troll in gaming (I.E Phantom Pain takes place nine years after Ground Zeroes, therefore Hayter will only voice him during GZ and not The Phantom Pain where he wakes up from his coma with a changed voice... or there is a legit reason, either way I'm pretty neutral on the matter.

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WildArmed1880d ago

I knew something was off when i heard big boss talk.

I was like... I hope this isn't him talking, coz it doesn't sound like him at all (or rather my perception of how he should sound i guess?)

ZodTheRipper1879d ago

David Hayter just voiced Solid Snake. Big Boss is NOT Solid Snake - How ignorant does one have to be to say "I'm not buying it because David Hayter is missing"? Stupid drama queens.

Kurylo3d1879d ago

Maybe its because david hayter also voiced big boss in every game other then mgs4 lol.

WildArmed1879d ago


MGS3, Peace Walker, etc etc were all done by Hayter too.

Thou I dont believe in shunning a game ebcause they didn't pick a particular voice actor. Criticizing? Yes.

fr0sty1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

Hayter's voice sucked. Yeah, I said it. The only reason people like it is because it is associated with an icon. The voice acting is pretty bad really.

Trenta271880d ago

That's actually my thoughts on it, too. Kojima obviously had a reason for not choosing him. Considering he is one of the greatest game designers ever, I will agree with his choice.


COULD NOT AGREE MORE. ive always felt that hayters voice was too cliche for MGS. always so forcefully grumpy and seemed extremely stereotypical of that "reluctant anti-hero" role. Within the MGS universe, Raidens voice actor is far better suited for his role than hayter is for snake. when i hear Raiden speak, i think "this is Raiden talking". but when i hear snake speak i think "this character has a terrible voice actor".
Though Snakes voice isnt AS bad, it reminds me a lot of doms voice in gears. Instead of having a character with an identifiable sound, you have yet another ultra burly, deep scratchy voiced anti-hero.

If MGS wants its voice acting to stick around with heavy hitters like the uncharted series and sleeping dogs (va is supposedly phenomenal, they need to ditch the 80's style voice acting..

grailly1879d ago

I agree, but I think it makes snakes voice quite funny, which I enjoy

fr0sty1879d ago

Good to see I wasn't completely trashed for that opinion... lol. Goes to show MGS fans have some maturity to them and are able to handle a dissenting opinion or two once in a while.

I love MGS, but just never was that impressed by ol' Hayter. His voice worked, but as said above it just seemed forced and cliche. It did work within the comical context that MGS always has kept, but perhaps Kojima wants to take MGS in a more serious direction this time. Who knows. I know if Snake ever makes it to the big screen, he'll need a new voice. Not everyone will get the humor in it, and many will just think it's bad acting.

Number-Nine1879d ago

you try to cover up your statement as an opinion, when it's in fact pure ignorance.

jrbeerman111879d ago

ill have to agree that hayter was not the best voice actor.

Felt very forced to me. sorry unpopular opinion but take off the nostalgia glasses and give him a good listen sometime.

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guitarded771880d ago

I can understand being disappointing, but I think you're overreacting. Of course it's your right to do so, but do you really think this will ruin the game?

infamousinfolite1879d ago

It won't. It's still Kojima's game anyway so we will thoroughly enjoy the gameplay and cutscenes of it all.

GamersRulz1880d ago

Kojima wants to differentiate Big Boss voice from Solid Snake voice in case of possible future encounter...Very logical and should have been done years ago.

Ducky1880d ago

... because Snake and Big Boss haven't encountered each other yet?

greatcrusader441880d ago


And during that encounter, were they both voiced by Hayter? No

Ducky1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

^ That's the thing. They had different voice actors during the encounter and it didn't cause any problems. It was believable.

Now, BigBoss's voice changing shortly after PeaceWalker? Not that believable.
It's unlikely he'll even encounter Snake until he hits 60.

If the japanese version is still using the same old voice actor, then it pretty much debunks this theory.

greatcrusader441879d ago

Totally forgot the Japanese Snake is reprising his role as Big Boss. My theory is that Kojima is making a MGS in a different style, a more serious game, and in truth, despite me loving Hayters voice, it really is cheesy as hell.

Not happy about the change, but there was a reason for it, Kojima just wasn't sitting in his house thinking "You know what? F#ck Hayter, I'm recasting Big Boss."

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vork771880d ago

Richard Doyle voice big boss in MGS4

showtimefolks1880d ago

This is just Kojima trolling us again

I love MGS and Kojima but this man trolls a lot lol.

I wouldn't be surprised if David hasn't already finished the voice work lol

NatureOfLogic1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

@ porkChop I agree, I've already decided to skip this one. All my hype and high hopes for this game went away because of this news. I never would've guessed that I'll be skipping this due to stupid VA decisions. I'm very upset at this news. When I heard that voice at the end, I was like "wtf is that". That voice was weak.

Ashunderfire861880d ago

Shitttttt they did the same thing with Splinter Cell with a new actor also? What happen to the originals man. No Ironside and now no Hayter.

delboy1880d ago

It's Big Boss not Snake.
But Snake is a clone of Big Boss, so they should have same voice?
And don't come me with the different in age argument, they are both grown up.

Yes, the voice is a big deal, for me, and all MGS fans.
So I'm a bit disappointed with Kojima and MGS5.

MeatAbstract1879d ago

Liquid was also a clone and was British. Solidus was also clone and he sounded different.

delboy1879d ago

You are right about that.
Ah, f... you Kojima with your mind f... games lol

Shadowlurker1879d ago

As I said on another page: People seem to be forgetting that the Ground Zeroes part of the game is only weeks after PW.. AND that the original Japanese VA is still voicing him during that part, So it's possible Hayter is covering/lying and he's voicing BB during the GS part and Richard Doyle (Or whomever is voicing him in the trailer) is voicing him in the 9 years later post-coma part of the game.. However it didn't really sound like Doyle either....

And there isn't any solid (lols) reason for the dramastic change given that he actually sounds younger not older.. So either that's not BB in the "post-coma" part (See the biginning part where we are actually seeing Big Boss going into the coma from someone elses eyes and not from his or Millers.) Meaning that the person waking up from the coma is actually the other guy.

arronax-11879d ago

As far as i'm concerned, that is what you fanboys get for forcing someone like him to continue this franchise.

Good_Guy_Jamal1879d ago

Too bad. You won't be missed though.

Tito081879d ago (Edited 1879d ago )

Then it's totally ridiculous to judge a purchase decision based on a voice actor, as if some of the Batman animated movies are gonna suck because it doesn't have Kevin Conroy voicing Batman. David was voiced in 6 MGS games, & the games contained a lot of dialogue, it wasn't your average videogame voice over, plus he's also involved in movie projects, just like when he produced the first X-Men movie. Maybe Kojima have another project for him, who knows. Also in MGS3 Big Boss was in his 30's in 1964, he was already in his 40's by the events of Peace Walker in 1974, IDK too well about Peace Walker, so I don't know how long after PW is the Ground Zeroes events, but now we now Phantom Pain is 9 years later which already points out the 80's, so Big Boss is well around his 50's not 40's, & the original Metal Gear took place in 1995, so it's getting a bit closer to the original game.

porkChop1879d ago

No. Big Boss was born in 1935. He was 29 in Snake Eater. Both Peace Walker and Ground Zeroes take place in 1974 when he's 39. The Phantom Pain takes place 9 years later in 1983, which makes him 48.

Tito081875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

Well ok, I'm not too good about people's ages anyways. But you must agree with everything else I said. Can't judge a developer nor a game based on voice acting. & maybe Kojima has plans for Hayter, but not at the moment that the story in the series is getting more evolving, we never know.

josephayal1879d ago

We must go through with the boycott

ziggurcat1879d ago

@ porkchop

it's big boss in MGS5, not snake.

shadowst171879d ago Show
gintoki7771879d ago

Whether voice matters on not to you is your opinion. However, its more about the personality and actions of a character which makes them likable. Its not like he has a high pitched little kid voice (picture that). I'm sure it will be the same old big boss and the game will be badass. So relax

DeadManMcCarthy1879d ago

I like David Hayter but lets be honest, he doesn't do a good Big Boss voice or Old Snake voice. He's much better at playing the younger Snakes.

Having a new VA is the right decision.

shadowst171878d ago

You sir have a stick up your ass, please remove it or else it may cause serious damage to your organs and serious brain damage from the blockage of blood getting to the brain causing brain damage which is clearly seen in your post.

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Batzi1880d ago

Yes..not gonna happen.

FreydaWright1880d ago

Come on, folks. It's Kojima we're talking about here. This is all just an elaborate ruse.

Finalfantasykid1880d ago

You never know. For all we know David Hayter already finished all the voice work :P