PlayStation 4: The Coolest Stuff You Probably Didn’t Know

While there have been morsels of PlayStation 4 information doled out since the console’s coming out party, Sony really hasn’t had the chance to speak at length about the product since February. At least, not until today. Here in San Francisco, Sony Computer Entertainment America Senior Staff Engineer Chris Norton hosted a Game Developers Conference panel titled “Developing for the PS4.”

While a lot of the speech was heady technical stuff, there were some very interesting reveals. Here they are.

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ziggurcat1883d ago

just shut up, and take my money already!

GreenRanger1883d ago

I have a feeling that the only uncool thing about the PS4 will be the price.

Octo11883d ago

One of Sonys mistake last gen was the PS3's price.I don't think that Sony will or can afford to make that same mistake. You have to remember that there is no new tech in he PS4. The PS3 having new tech such as the Cell and Blu Ray was why he PS3 was as expensive as it was. I think that the most expensive PS4 sku will be $399.99.

isarai1883d ago

While i do agree, i just don't see how something this awesome can't not be pricey

shoddy1883d ago

Guys that complaint about ps4is a mid range PC should try to build thier high end PC under $1000.

You likely to pay around $500 for the ps4 so you can't complaint much.

T21883d ago

Yes I firmly believe Sony is looking for a sweet spot here on price ... I expect 399 and maybe a 499 beefed up bundle... hey I paid 649 for my ps3 loved having zero twelve year old asshats for a year or so....


i know im probably going to get flamed for saying this out loud, but i actually know a gamestop manager who told sony has somehow given them the idea to safely ballpark the ps4 price at 399. ANOTHER manager at my local gamestop (who is much more believable) told me that sony is actually talking to gamestop execs to get a feel for what trade offers they will have come ps4 launch.

yes, i understand that what im saying is ridiculous. Not trying to boast this as fact by any means. just things ive heard from people!!

WeAreLegion1883d ago

My friend is a regional manager for GameStop. He said the same thing. Expect $399 is what they were hearing at the conference.

MasterCornholio1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

My friend who manages game in Madrid told me that they are aiming for a €399 bundle at launch.

If this is true then Nintendo are making a massive profit off the Wii U if the PS4 with a game ends up costing only €50 then a deluxe Wii U.

Motorola RAZR i

3-4-51882d ago

This time it might be justified though. not as much.

I could see people still paying $500 for this but not any more.

I'd say it will go for about $400 though.

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uuaschbaer1883d ago

No, don't take my money! :<

Etseix1883d ago

they won't, you are the oen who willingly will give it to them, that is, if you are a gamer expecting a next gen console.

jocomat91883d ago

i personally think sony should add sony vegas into the ps4 to edit recorded games.

xabmol1883d ago

That would be sweet! Love Acid!

jocomat91883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

it should be an added optional feature.

xabmol1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Sorry, you're right, getting free high quality editing software is not cool. And I don't like Sony Acid. At all. You caught me. Congrats... /s

WeAreLegion1883d ago

That would be pretty nice, actually. However, I've been using Movie Director lately...and it's miles better. CNET has it as the highest rated editing software for a reason. It's cheaper, too.

jocomat91882d ago

reall neat I'll will check it out myself. I only said sony vegas cause they own it.

Rezka1883d ago

The ps4 will be most likely in the 300 range

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