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EA and Nintendo: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

It's no secret by now that EA's support for the Wii U platform and the 3DS is practically non-existent going forward. That isn't to say they haven't released "any" games for the platforms, but it's well known they are keeping major franchises away from the systems previously and will continue to do so moving forward. Even games that were fully running and ready to go out to the production line, such as Crysis 3, were shelved due to Nintendo and EA essentially not getting along. (3DS, EA, Nintendo, Wii U)

sithsylar  +   974d ago
Dreamcast comes to mind when EA never supported it...
Khordchange  +   974d ago
ya know the dreamcast also had a controller, well dang ps4=dreamcast!!!
Yodagamer  +   974d ago
Except this time around ea isn't as big as it was during the dreamcast days and most of the first parties have more than enough money to make up for that lost, unlike sega did.
jcnba28  +   974d ago
Damn, EA still butt hurt? Nintendo must have really hurt their feelings lol.
lizard81288  +   974d ago
Agree, it is childish. Soon the ps4 will come out and then EA will complain it is too hard to develop for.
Brucis  +   974d ago
>agree to use Origin in order to get more games, but online falls under EA's management and draconian rules, as well as having to use a poor online service
>don't agree to use Origin to keep the online simple and in their control, but lose the games and support, even with ones that were finished such as Crysis 3

I don't envy you Nintendo, but you probably made the right choice. I don't want to have to deal with EA anymore than I have to, and using Origin as well as being able to be banned from my games for posting complaints on the forums is not what I want. If I want another EA game I'll just get it on another console,preferably one that doesn't have Origin.

Thank you for sticking up for yourself, Nintendo.
0pie  +   974d ago
no one care about EA and no one care about your kids toy from nintendo. :)
CaulkSlap  +   974d ago
EA is terrible and the Wii U sucks. Like forces repel each other.
PygmelionHunter  +   974d ago
I can count at least 3 trolls commenting on this article so far, including you. Why is it that you aren't being repelled away then, hm?
BosSSyndrome  +   974d ago
EA needs to stop being a bitch.
PygmelionHunter  +   974d ago
Seriously, whatever happened to EA? I mean, it's not that I care about this kind of stuff since I play on various platforms, but it's getting ridiculous, EA is f****** up the consumer more and more with each passing day...
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wiiuuii  +   974d ago
most wanted u
i just got most wanted u criterion did a wonderful job with the gamepad if all the new games that are coming out did what they did the wii u will sell more
Adolph Fitler  +   973d ago
Both Nintendo & Sega didn't deserve EA's support, & if EA could make more money elsewhere, then "GOOD ON THEM".
The way these 3rd party guys were treated in the 8 & 16 bit days was atrocious.

Both Nintendo & Sega really kicked every 3rd party developer in the balls, at every turn, & western 3rd party developers were kicked in the balls with spikes on the front of steelcap boots.

They really tried (& succeeded in large part) to kill off western 3rd party support, when the Japanese game developers were known as the only ones synonymous with great games.

All those butt hurt Nintendo fanboys, need to do some research & also look at this from EA's standpoint.
Fact is, Wii-U hasn't sold enough for EA to bother with & seeing as Nintendo has always focused solely on themselves & offering ONLY there inhouse developers development software & help to make games & engines for there consoles.

So, guess what fanboys, EA have the right to say F.U. to Nintendo, as Nintendo have been proven to be the biggest bunch of scumbags when it comes to 3rd party developers, & would not give them the time of day, unless it was for a large fee, especially back in the day (8-16bit machines).
I hope EA stick to PS3, PS4, 360 & 720. They have no reason to support Nintendo, in fact, I'm sure EA have a huge chip on there shoulder & won't be supporting Nintendo's Wii-U, unless it sells like hotcakes & has a halfway decent install base. But, when it comes down to it, I wouldn't be surprised if EA secretly hope Nintendo goes down the gurgler & ends up a software only company, at best. I know, if I was an EA suit, or Trip Hawkins & any of those guys that basically made EA what it is today, I'd wish for there demise, & unless my company stood to make bucketloads of money off there hardware, I couldn't give a toss about Nintendo.

EA make some awesome games, & publish many other brilliant titles, so to write them off is sheer fanboy dribble, & fact is, that Nintendo could never have seen the tides turn so much, from those 8 & 16 bit days where developers wanted & NEEDED to be on the hardware, but now, the shoe is on the other foot, & it's the hardware developers that desperately need the software developers.

When Nintendo pull there head out, & give EA lots of money to put games out on there new machine, that's when EA may cross over & throw out a couple of Wii-U games.
And for you Ninty fanboys that want to arc up & disagree with me....Good luck a-holes.....I AM RIGHT B!TCHES.
Just like when Nintendo were charging 100's of thousands for dev kits for nes's & snes's, as well as charging an arm & leg for licensing & there specialized cartridge format, NOW IT'S EA's turn, & any other 3rd party developers that Nintendo needs to sell Wii-U's.
Pay up Nintendo.....Time to payback the piper son.
MS paid 100million for 6month exclusitivity for useless GTA4 dlc, so if Nintendo want to lure some of the more reluctant 3rd parties over, they need to ensure it is worth there while.
Hand over some of the money you stone cold robbed 3rd party developers for back in cartridge days.
SpiralTear  +   973d ago
From what you extensively typed, you're saying that EA is too good for Nintendo. News flash: EA remains one of the most hated gaming establishments in the industry right now. Look at the SimCity launch; it was terrible and EA didn't own up to their mistakes (the devs Maxis did instead).

You can hate on Nintendo all you want, but I can say with the utmost conviction that you are certainly not right. If you like EA that much, go play Origin. We'll stick around on Steam and wait for EA's supposed triumph that you seem to predict.

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