Beyond Two Souls Writer David Cage Details Working With Hollywood Actors And PS4

David Cage shares his experience working with Hollywood Actors Ellen Page and William Dafoe in Beyond Two Souls.

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ohcatrina1604d ago

TOO excited... I'm not that into cinematic games, but this looks great.

YoureINMYWay851604d ago

Tell me more *pushes button. You have just played beyond 2 souls

Bhai1604d ago

Nah, no more QTE... this game is all the traditional stuff, keeping the visual quality of Heavy Rain. check out these unseen vids:

Its gonna be a tech marvel. No more glorified tech-demo stuff ;)

Magnagamer2221604d ago

William Dafoe + Ellen Page = $old

Rip-Ridah1604d ago (Edited 1604d ago )

Not to nitpick, but his name is Willem Dafoe. Article should edit accordingly.

black9111604d ago

Day One! MY Most Anticipated!

KrisK1603d ago

The production quality of this should be crazy. Can't wait.