Trion Worlds Exec Nick Beliaeff Explores The Cross-Media World Of Defiance

In San Francisco, Trion Worlds' senior vice president of development Nick Beliaeff discusses the upcoming Defiance MMO shooter and the Syfy TV show in this exclusive interview.

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MysticStrummer1725d ago

I played the beta longer than I've played some full games this generation. This week is gonna go by slow until release.

KrisK1724d ago

Interesting. Maybe I need to look into this.

jagiii1725d ago

This looks like a great convergence test case.

ExPresident1725d ago

Game is gonna be awesome and I loved the BETA. Anyone looking for a team to play with can hit us up at

Saryk1725d ago

Bought it on a whim Tuesday (Steam). So I am glad to hear you guys like it.

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