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Kiefer Sutherland voicing Ishmael and possibly Big Boss in MGS V?

While there's the disappointing news that David Hayter is not reprising his role as Naked Snake/Big Boss for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, here comes speculation that Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland, best known as TV show 24's protagonist Jack Bauer, may be voicing a role in the game. (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Number-Nine  +   389d ago
Richard Doyle needs to be Big Boss
TimNunes  +   389d ago
Yeah, if not David Hayter.
Omar91  +   389d ago
I just don't understand why so many voices for big boss. I kind of understand having Richard Doyle as big boss but now its rumored to be a completely different person?

I seriously hope I'm being trolled the shit out of right now because without David Hayter, snake is simply not snake.
KrimsonKody  +   389d ago
a_bro  +   389d ago
im telling you man, an ocelot Torture scene, with Kiefer Sutherland as a special guest.
jon1234  +   389d ago
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   389d ago
You forgot to say DAMMIT Chloe!!
a_bro  +   387d ago
more like, DAMMIT EVA!
azshorty2003  +   389d ago
I thought it sounded like him! But then there were some times where it didn't so I wasn't sure.
dumahim  +   389d ago
Yeah, I recognized his voice right away. I'll be surprised if it isn't him. Snake voice, who knows. Maybe Kojima is trolling us again, but I don't think he is. I saw someone suggest earlier Big Boss and Solid would both be in the game and they might want different voice actors for both of the characters. Being clones and all, I think they should have a similar, if not identical voice.
KwietStorm  +   389d ago
That other guy in the ER clearly does sound like Keifer, it was the first thing that hit me when they first showed the trailer, but to say "an extension of the rumor..." c'mon you can't do that. This is the reason people get so annoyed with gaming journalism. An extension of the rumor based on what? What little bit of evidence says anything about him *also* voicing Big Boss? That's an honest question, because the article does nothing at all to answer it. It simply says oh but he might be Big Boss too. Stay tuned.
jon1234  +   389d ago
although i am a big fan of kiefer, there is no way he can be snake :(
Knight_Crawler  +   388d ago
Samuel L Jackson as Snake.

"I have had it with these motherflopping snakes on these motherflopping games!"
Veneno  +   389d ago
This would be sweet! I used to idolize Keifer Sutherland when he was David the vampire in Lost Boys, the 80s version. (Yeah I'm old)
wenaldy  +   389d ago
Soldierone  +   389d ago
Oh god, I hope not. I mean at this point you expect Big Boss to sound a specific way, he by no means can get anywhere close to that. If its not Hayter, then it has to be Richard Doyle. Kojima won't ruin the integrity of his game just to put some big name Hollywood star behind the main character.....

Honestly though, if he is some other character then fine. Just not any Snake.
josh50187  +   389d ago
if its Kiefer Sutherland i just wont buy it stright up im a huge mgs fan and just simply no i refuse to watch the downfall of a series i love they should have stoped after 4 and moved the fuck on
DEEBO  +   388d ago
lost boys 4TW! death by stereo! oh s..t it's the attack of eddie monster.classic movie.

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