Black Ops 2 Chicom Run ‘n Gun Class Setup

Looking for a great class designed for a run 'n gun playing style on Black Ops 2? Look no further. This Chicom class setup is fast, powerful, and tuned perfectly. It works well in many different gametypes for small to medium sized maps. Read through our attachment, perk, and equipment suggestions to build the ultimate class using the Chicom CQB.

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whamlollypop71880d ago

The only class I use a pistol with is my sniper class. Primary gunfighter all day!

Oh and first.

Sandmano1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

"First" ???? Really? I thought that idiotic tradition was gone for a while now... Especially to such a low key article.

Raccoon1879d ago

even an inmate is more up to date than this ninja turtle....

Alduin1879d ago

Yup, Primary Gunfighter is a great wildcard to use. We have other class setups we'll be posting that will include wildcards and unconventional setups. This was just a basic one to start with.

whamlollypop71879d ago

Oh your gonna do a whole expose on different classes that should be interesting.