Four PS4 Controllers, Under Glass, From Almost Every Angle

Kotaku - We've seen leaked images of the PS4 controller. We've seen Sony people hold the PS4 controller in their hands. But not until our intrepid Kirk Hamilton hustled into the Sony area of the Game Developers Conference today have we been able to see the PS4 controller... in the wild?

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JoGam1887d ago

Love the blue color the most. Also the touch pad looks removable. When the video starts, you can see the edge of the touch pad. Doesn't look like its totally connected. More like it can be removed. Do anyone else notice?

iGAM3R-VIII1887d ago

There have been rumours about it being removed but I highly doubt it would be because what would be there in replace of it?

Ps_alm3k1886d ago

a touchscreen would be awesome. why? because you can type words and instead for pressing to go into menu screen. just have a menu on there. use for hot bars on mmo games. but of course they will get shot down for copying wii u.

Muerte24941885d ago

the touchpad might have some display functionality because there is not other reason for mentioning the resolution on it. 720p if I'm not mistaken.

SolidStoner1885d ago

it seems it has a speaker... I predict it will at least beep when on/off or low battery :)

overall it looks just what I wanted... like the old one, with some nice tweaks... like those new analog stics, I always wanted a space for my finger to catch on, sometimes it slips away....

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colonel1791885d ago

It may be because it's clickable

torchic1885d ago

it was confirmed to be clickable during the aftermath of the reveal. tons of info got lost during the mediastorm.

what I want to know, is it one big clickable thing or is it clickable to the left and right, making an L4 and a R4 button, or is it clickable like that + as one whole big thing?

Nikhil1885d ago

@torchic: It's whatever they want it to be. Programmers could have the button do different things based on the location of the finger when it's pressed.

Jaqen_Hghar1885d ago

a man would think a company would have mentioned that by now and there is no reason for it. A man believes it looks like that because it is clickable like a trackpad.

Blackdeath_6631885d ago

i highly doubt it considering the touch pad is click-able which has been confirmed. i'd like to see some real practical applications to the touch pad otherwise its nothing more than a gimmick, one thing it would be useful for is browsing menus (as in swipe to go back and forth,click to select,pinch to zoom,tap to right click etc...) but those are things you can mostly do with just the controller. only time will tell how it works and what for but for now its nice having the touch pad there.

3-4-51885d ago

That blue just looks like dark royal purple though.

DATNEWYAWKER1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

It's a button as well, which offers another input method, that's why it looks raised like that. IGN had a pretty crazy detailed breakdown of the controller and the camera from the conference.

StraightPath1885d ago

looking alot similar to the xbox 360 controller now which is a good thing.

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Bathyj1885d ago

Sexy is the word.

Rush1885d ago

Calm down dude plenty of sexy things on the internet, I suggest a Google search with the alternate spelling of pawn.

seanpitt231885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Wow thats a nice design but They look expensive.....

Jaqen_Hghar1885d ago

a man would note that switching from analog to digital should help costs and that a trackpad isn't expensive like a touch screen. Making sticks and triggers better doesn't cost a company a dime.

Alcohog1885d ago

Stop talking like that, its freaking me out.

MasterCornholio1885d ago

Well at least it wont cost you 150€ for an extra controller.

seanpitt231885d ago

Iam guessing £30 to £40

mcstorm1885d ago

Im glad they have changed the design this time around as it looks like it will fit bigger hands better. Biggest issue I had with the ds3 was I tended to get cramp when playing for along time this one looks like it may fix that issue for me. Look forward to getting a ps4.

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