Most Violent Quotes in Gaming

GamersBliss writes: "Video games are known for their violence. Video game violence has been a means of controversy among non-gamers for years but there is one thing that is for sure about our favorite hobby and that is that we love the ruthless violence. It is incredibly difficult to pick out which of the hundreds of violent video game quotes are the best but we feel that we have narrowed down the list pretty good."

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TheSuperior 1882d ago

Don’t you hate it when middle aged moms complain about video game violence? What’s so wrong with most of these quotes other than the fact that they are mostly about murdering, killing, assassinating and ect? lol

(yes its bothersome that the same middle aged woman would get her panties in a bunch over the ‘lol’ at the end of my comment above; im bound to become a crazed maniac in real life)

NastyLeftHook01882d ago

from the top of my head...

"i can smell the sh!t in your pants"

Rearden1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

You can make a list with Duke Nukem quotes only. Even Bulletstorm did pretty well on that front.

Roccetarius1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

This isn't really quotes, but i always thought Unreal Tournament did the best voices. Something like M-M-Monsterkill, killing Spree, Godlike etc was amazing.

Sadly companies just can't get that right anymore.


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