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NastyLeftHook01552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

kojima is a legend.

@snookies12, yeah i could not go without metal gear solid 4 either.

Snookies121552d ago

Yes, yes he most certainly is. I have no doubt in my mind this game will be of the highest quality. Shoot, the reason I bought my PS3 when it first came out was for MGS4. I did NOT regret that one lol!

ps3_pwns1552d ago

same for me im a metal gear fan so i play all the metal gears and mgs4 was so good and this seems its going to be awesome like mgs4. i couldnt imagine skipping a metal gear game. you can do that with assasins creed and stuff but not metal gear. glad i got the ps3!

BlmThug1552d ago

MGS4 is th greatest ever game for me, having recently dethroned Crash Bandicoot, so I am ready for MGS V

Prcko1552d ago

gonna upgrade my pc asap

2pacalypsenow1552d ago

so ground zeroes is another MGS game?

Th4Freak1552d ago

No it's like MGS2: SoL where the tanker chapter is the prologue and the plant chapter is set 2 years after the tanker chapter.

a_bro1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

or like MGS3: where the prologue was pretty much the virtuous mission, then that part of the game sets it up for Snake Eater.

its just funny when he talked about how Ground Zeroes was a prologue for MGSV months back, never thought he literally meant it like that, LMAO what a troll.

abzdine1552d ago Show
Number-Nine1552d ago

Things aren't really adding up to me. Why does Big Boss have a fox patch in the beginning of the trailer?

Number-Nine1552d ago

nvm. msf uniform has a fox patch

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The story is too old to be commented.