David Hayter not returning for MGS5, Kojima never asked him writes, "Seemingly missing from the Metal Gear Solid V was the voice of Snake/Big Boss David Hayter. What was the reason behind this? There doesn’t really seem to be one."

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PirateThom1881d ago

Again, I can only assume it's to make way to differentiate the now older Big Boss from Naked and Solid Snake.

Metal Gear 2 remake with Big Boss getting set on fire by Solid Snake would just be weird with David Hayter talking to himself.

All I want is Richard Doyle voicing Big Boss from here on out.

Number-Nine1881d ago

It's better off this way. If they ever make a game where Big Boss and Solid Snake converse, having 2 guys with the same voice actor will be rather odd

Outside_ofthe_Box1881d ago

Exactly. I've always felt that their voices should have been different.

But Naked and Solid having the same voice did make me pay a lot of attention to their personalities.

Mounce1881d ago

My only question about this is this factor....

If the voice actors truly are changing in this direction for this purpose. Than why is it with the Jap Dub that was what we had heard in the first Ground Zeroes trailer. That the voice actor for Big Boss hadn't changed?.... The same rules would apply for the Japanese Dub of MGS too.

So, why is it just Eng DUB unless they're changing VA for Jap Big Boss too? At that, who Voice acted Big Boss in MGS4 for the Japanese if it was someone else as well?...

WiiUsauce1881d ago

But Solid Snake is a clone, so you would expect him to sound the same as Big Boss.

SideShort1881d ago

Well, at the end of MGS4 they did converse remember? Big Boss also had a different voice actor, though in MGS 3 it was Hayter.

contradictory1881d ago

@WiiUsauce Liquid Snake was a clone too but he sure as hell didn't sound like big boss

Razmossis1881d ago

What makes you think Snake and Big Boss are going to be conversing?
Metal Gear 2 is set in the year 2000.
We are assuming Big Boss slips into his coma in 1972 for the les enfants terribles project to happen.
Waking up 9 years later would mean it's 1981 and Solid Snake is about 9 years old lol.

Still not getting why David Hayter isn't voicing Big Boss. It's still a long way off before he's properly old

Number-Nine1881d ago

@ razmossis

if they ever decide to remake the original Metal Gear which takes place in '95, both big boss and solid snake will have some dialog towards each other.

and big boss cant slip into a coma in 1972, it wouldnt make sense. If he's in a coma for 9 years then the events of Peace Walker would never have happened.

les enfants terribles project already happened anyway. thats why big boss started MSF.

FungLip1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

@ Mounce

Another fun fact to consider:

Akio Ôtsuka (Japanese VA for Solid Snake) voiced BOTH Solid Snake and Solidus Snake in MGS2 while different VAs voiced them in the English dub.

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Transporter471881d ago

Different character, wouldn't make sense to use the same voice for a different character from the same universe

morganfell1881d ago

Always wanted Richard Doyle as Big Boss. I wanted it for Peacewalker and it didn't happen.

His past performance as Big Boss is for me personally one of the best pieces of v/o work ever and he seems more like Big Boss whereas Hayter always seemed like Solid to me.


NatureOfLogic1881d ago

You guys can underestimate the important of this all day long. I'm a hardcore MGS fan. I haven't missed a single mgs( All of them ), But if David Hayter is not the VA for Snake this game I 100% won't buy this game. I can't begin to express my rage towards this. David Hayter IS Snake and if anyone else tries voice Snake, It just wouldn't be the same for me. Good thing it's releasing on current gen. It Shows all the bad decisions that's been made this gen. This seems like a slap in the face of core fans. No David Hayter, No buy for me. I'm hoping this is not true, because I really want play it. I'm tired of devs not taking core fans in to consideration when making these decisions. I won't support it.

nypifisel1881d ago

What a silly thing to say, you say you're a core fan yet you won't play the next MGS cause Hayter isn't doing the voice? Then why did you play MGS4? Richard Doyle is perfect for the aged Big Boss and I hope it'll be so. You call yourself a core fan.. hpmf, you're not a core fan. And I'm saying this even though I as so many other love the iconic voice Hayter created for Snake, I love it just as much as you do, doesn't mean I'm blinded though.

Tydeus1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

To me David Hayter is Solid Snake, not Big Boss. Not playing a game simply because Hayter is no longer voicing Big Boss is a little pathetic, especially since you call yourself an hardcore fan. You're a fan of the series because of the story not because the voice actor is awesome.

And actually, reading the twitter comments on the full story. I smell something fishy. "I had a good run" Naw.. Hayter will be in the game. They'll probably have a Solid Snake cameo when he first joins Foxhound or something as a prelude to Metal Gear 1 :P

Shadowlurker1881d ago

People seem to be forgetting that the Ground Zeroes part of the game is only weeks after PW.. AND that the original Japanese VA is still voicing him during that part, So it's possible Hayter is white lying and he's voicing BB during the GS part and Richard Doyle is voicing him in the 9 years later post-coma part of the game.. However it didn't really sound like Doyle either....


Hayters voice, in my eyes, was one of the only things holding back the series from becoming the most elite single player experience ive ever played.

His voice has always gotten on my nerves. far too cliche for the role he voices.

HarryMasonHerpderp1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

I feel your pain KingElixir and David Hayter is Big Boss and it just feels weird hearing a different guy voice him. Richard Doyle is a brilliant alternative though and they should use him for MGS5. Thing is though they should never have used Hayter for Big Boss in the first place, but now they have and this is the mess that we are left with. Not buying the game because of a characters voice though is silly, have you seen the trailer? it looks too awesome to pass up and it looks like it could be the best MGS yet. I know it's hard to get used to it but it's not worth missing out on the game entirely.

RumbleFish1881d ago

This argument is difficult. I can understand when they say David Hayter is Solid Snake, but my favorite MGS game is MGS3 so I really can't say that David isn't Big Boss...

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TheXonySbox1881d ago

he wanted too much $$$ so they just hired a new actor is all.

BoNeSaW231881d ago

Did you just make that up? Where did you get that info from? Source please.

edgeofsins1880d ago

He said he loved voicing Snake in an interview. He said that it was the only acting career he still worked on at the time of the interview I saw earlier. They have plenty of money and I am sure he wouldn't argue much with payment since he really loves MGS and voicing Snake.

Soldierone1881d ago

Didn't they hire the same voice actor for the Japanese version? So that excuse makes no sense.

They also don't need to have him voice both characters, similar to MGS4. As long as the characters are separate, then its fine. Hayter voiced Big Boss before..... After all Solid is just a clone of him....

porkChop1881d ago

Yeah, it seems to be the same Japanese VA.

Knight_Crawler1881d ago

I vote for Samuel L Jackson as Snake.

"I have had it with these motherflooping snakes on this motherflooping plane!"

"Say 'snake' again!!! say 'snake' again, I dare you, I double dare you motherflooper, say 'snake' one more goddamn time!"

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Prodigy-X1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Why didn't he ask him >:(

KwietStorm1881d ago

To be honest, Hayter hasn't sounded like he was still so fond of the role as of late anyway.

TheXonySbox1881d ago

Thats what happens when you get rejected; you justify why you never wanted it in the first place.

AKA hes washed up.


Not fond of his only notable role since Guyver in 1994... right. He is Snake.

Eamon1881d ago

This article is so ridiculous. Kojima has little to no involvement in the localization of Metal Gear Solid. To say Kojima never asked him makes no sense since Kojima has never asked him to do past MGS games anyway.

And Hayter said the first time he met Kojima face to face was after the launch of MGS4.

kane_13711881d ago

Actually in the past making of the game interviews the staff repeatedly said that everything about the game must go through Kojima and that it is like he is a dictator running a country.
he decides every single aspect of the game

Eamon1881d ago

Yes, actual game design - not localization. Localization happens off-shore outside of Japan. Sure Kojima may set some guidelines so stuff doesn't get lost in translation, however it's the Konami localization team that bring us the quality voice acting.

knifefight1881d ago

He's being a Hayter hater.

NastyLeftHook01881d ago

david will ALWAYS be snake in my eyes.