Wal-Mart shoves Linux PCs off store shelves, not web site

Wal-Mart's experiment with selling cheap Linux-based PCs in its stores has apparently come to a close. Starting last October, the retail giant stocked desktops from the Green PC line manufactured by Everex. That stock ultimately sold out, but Wal-Mart has apparently decided not to refresh it. The Associated Press quotes a company spokesperson, referring to the machines, as saying, "This really wasn't what our customers were looking for."

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ktchong3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

yeah, read earlier that about 150 units took NINE to TEN months to be "sold out".

The customers have spoken, even if the open-source commies don't want to come out of their denial.

gamesR4fun3604d ago

but fact is linux cant be kept down forever.

Bladestar3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

is being for ever... yeah since 1984... linux is a great OS... but the founder was scary... lots of weed if you know what I mean... that picture was probably responsible for the initial failure to capture the mass market...

incogneato3604d ago

Good. All this open source linux crap is pissing me off. Linux sucks really bad and I feel sorry for people who use it to be cool or rebellious against "MICRO$OFT!!!"

bumnut3604d ago

people use it because it is free and more stable than windows.

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