Microsoft reportedly looking to dump IPTV business in favor of Xbox

Microsoft appears to be mulling over plans to dump its IPTV business. Bloomberg reports that Ericsson is in talks with the software maker to buy up its IPTV software, known as Media Room, that is used to power services like AT&T's U-verse. Microsoft is expected to continue its focus on TV apps and services on its Xbox game console.

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darthv721849d ago

the media room software was behind the Uverse service i use. Interesting that sony/ericsson would be the ones looking to buy.

Perhaps its easier for Ms to make $$ off using the xbox as their centerpiece for cloud tv than licensing the software like they do now.

It seems they are really trying to go the apple route this time.

Godmars2901849d ago

How far are they going after Apple is the question. Will it be at the expense of gaming?

Jek_Porkins1849d ago

Does Sony's television losses affect their gaming? Or Sony movie studios? Nope, they are different.

Microsoft has more than enough money where it wont be "one or the other", it'll be both, which makes more options for gamer's and people who like entertainment as well.

darthv721849d ago

This is the media and communication's side of Ericsson, not the mobile side.

@god...does it matter? If anything, it looks like they are wanting to take the xbox brand and associate it wilh all things entertainment. Not just specific segments of it.

Similar to how apple transitioned their brand out of just the PC segment and into the media, communications and entertainment segments.

Ms will still support the PC gaming/productivity segment as well as console and mobile segments. Gaming was never their primary focus.

You would be confusing them with Nintendo where that is pretty much all Nintendo is known

GraveLord1849d ago

Yes, it is at the expense of gaming. No doubt in my mind about that.

Hicken1849d ago

Sony's not dropping their television services to push them into the PS4.

I don't get why it's so hard to grasp: Sony is making gaming priority one in their gaming division, with their home console; Microsoft is not. Gamers are worried about that, and if they aren't, they should be.

It's fine if Microsoft wants to push all-around entertainment. Nobody minds that. What people MIND is when their GAMING console stops putting GAMING first. When their GAMING DIVISION only talks about TV apps. When the vast majority of their NEW IPs are based around a peripheral that's firmly aimed at the CASUAL MARKET.

If Microsoft was doing all this and still pumping out the core games- note: not the same damn four every year- no one would be able to say a word to them. But all this "entertainment, entertainment, entertainment," on top of no significant GAMING news for months and then THIS?

nukeitall1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

If you actually look at the people complaining about MS gaming division, it is always the same people with the same agenda here on They are also the same people that proclaim exclusives to be the end all be all of a platform.

Yet everyone else seems to just enjoy their consoles, play games and have no trouble finding new games on any platform.

I find that I use my Xbox 360 more than ever, to use Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, host of other apps and play games on my console.

The value of the console has actually increased to me. Before it used to be a few hours of game, then I shut it off and get on my computer. Now I just continue using the Xbox so I 'm all for MS increasing the console value.

So if you don't like what MS offers, then move aside get your console of choice and let us others enjoy what we enjoy without you poluting for everyone by pissing in the pool.

dcbronco1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Odd that people are ignoring that one of the main things Kaz pointed out as a failing with Sony was taking advantage of all departments. That's why Gaming was merged into Electronics.

Sony, Microsoft, Apple, Google and all major electronics companies realize that you need to diversify to compete. Apple does i everything. And MS is trying to do similar. Even Netflix is making it's own TV shows. Microsoft would be crazy to focus on one thing to appease a very small segment of society. That is what companies that go out of business do.

Both the next Xbox and PS4 have separate CPUs for this very reason. These are billion dollar corporations using their assets to service a wide range of customers. Not a low income household picking and choosing what they can and can't do this month.

These companies can focus on Gaming and TV at the same time. With one machine. The same person that games watches Game of Thrones and Walking Dead. It would be stupid not to associate your brand with all of it. Would the same people that go on and on about entertainment on the Xbox consider Blu-ray a problem? How about the movies on PSN? Thought not.


SOme of the same people complaining about the same old MS titles can't wait for the next GT or Uncharted or LBP. Or wanted Final Fantasy 12 to stay exclusive to the Playstation. 12! They also read article after article about developers struggling financially after games not selling well but they want their financially strapped company that they love so much to keep making exclusives that no one buys. And they never make the connection between failing develops and poor sales for 1st party IPs. Companies should make smart decisions. Not pander to a vocal minority that never bought Twisted Metal or Battle Royale.

AngelicIceDiamond1848d ago

@Mars and every other fanboy on this post. This has nothing to with MS gaming division. Its the entertainment part of Xbox.

blackyeti1848d ago

@bronco that's some of the realist shit I ever read. I like you man.

Godmars2901848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Pretty sure the issue is that the Xbox division is becoming the entertainment division. Its not one supporting the other in tandem, its the two merging. With the possibility that one becomes more important, gets more attention, than the other.

Game development has more levels of management, costs more in terms of manpower if not money, than entertainment which is getting shows to justify XBL Gold.

blackyeti1848d ago

But its lot like they are getting fired. People who worked in the entertainment division are now, just focusing on building all their entertainment into an Xbox. Its easier too.

btw anyone who has a Kinect.. Search a movie with the controller then search it with Kinect... Which is faster?

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Godmars2901849d ago

It matter because they track record with gaming has been less than stellar - if its examined w/o fanboy blinders.

Yes they support the hell out of Halo and COD, brought indie gaming to their system, but in the two gens they've been into consoles they haven't created their own IP, ran off one of their best dev houses, and by most reports are not kind or supportive of the very indie groups they invited into their fold.

MS isn't Nintendo. Are known for their PC OS, exploiting opportunities, then closing access to those opportunities to others. Regardless of what they actually say, they are single minded and have issues with doing multiple things under one roof. And now they've just moved gaming and entertainment under one roof.

Meanwhile Sony's problem has been getting its many divisions to work together. Maybe Kaz is changing that.

nukeitall1849d ago


"by most reports are not kind or supportive of the very indie groups they invited into their fold."

Yet, MS is the only one that offers free indie dev tools like XNA to the community. They had a forum with actual XNA tool developers that responded to request and questions. They were the only one that offers a way for indies to publish their own game for less than a $100.

Other console manufacturers charge you thousands if they deem you worthy.

See, it is the distorted view of people like you and indie developers that get chosen by Sony as their trophy marketing that blinds the industry.

MS supports indies and gets gazillion complains, while other console manufacturers don't do jack squat while getting praised.

If I was MS I would piss all over them too.

"It matter because they track record with gaming has been less than stellar - if its examined w/o fanboy blinders."

Maybe you should take your own fanboy blinders off first. Pot meet kettle!

Godmars2901849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

1) Pretty sure they charged you for XNA tools. Required an annual fee too.
2) They've recently canceled the program.

So. Yeah.

Edit: Sony's also done something in regards to indies, removed costs for updates and loosened certifications, so there's that.

nukeitall1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )


"1) Pretty sure they charged you for XNA tools. Required an annual fee too.
2) They've recently canceled the program."

You should really do proper research!

1. XNA tool is free and allows you to develop on PC. XNA used on consoles requires a $100 fee annually, that allows you to publish your own games on. If you are a student, the fee is waived!

2. sigh... MS did *NOT* cancel the program. They ended support for the XNA tool i.e. no further development, but you are still able to use the tools, create games and submit it for sale on Xbox 360.

XNA tools is here:

Go ahead, try it out. You might like it!

Also, MS mentions they have other plans for indie devs probably on next console. Besides we are likely at the cusp of release for MS next console, so it makes sense to discontinue support for XNA.

"Edit: Sony's also done something in regards to indies, removed costs for updates and loosened certifications, so there's that."

Yet, the PS dev kit still costs thousands (if you are worthy) which *is required* to do any development even for PS Minis.

Still no complaints, but you do the comparison of who is more supportive of indie devs! Preferably without fanboy blinds on and proper research.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1849d ago

" Microsoft is expected to continue its focus on TV apps and services on its Xbox game console."

Who can't wait for 720??!!

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refocusedman1849d ago

Why is MS tv apps so important? Im not quite sure I understand but, when have people become so lazy that they dont or cant use multiple devices for different purposes. Is it more convenient..... yes but, when it begins to take away from the sole purpose of what a system was initially intended for (like games) then its perceived as more of a distraction. I for one think that when your E3 conference is 1/2 games 1/2 apps, and you cont on that path. Its a problem.

greenpowerz1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

That's like bashing cellphones and any other device these days, trying to convince to the masses its's stupid. Calling people lazy because they wan't one device doing more than one thing is stupid.

I like high value socailly connected universal entertainment devices

Don't like it don't buy it. Good luck buying something that isn't going in this direction LMAO

It's just hard to say if you and other really hate this model or is it because you Know MSFT does it best in the gaming industry.

darthv721849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

i can only guess the reason they are focusing on the apps is because of the increased competition from the "smart" market.

there has been a steady increas in the number of smart devices that are combining all these conveniences like media and social integration. From not only the obvious mobile market but also tv's and bluray players and cable/satellite service providers.

It isnt really the "lazy" part of people but more about the idea of getting more for the $$ you shell out for one of these multifunction devices.

The business is entertainment and that encompasses many segments. Gaming is the one we hold most dear because its why we frequent sites like this and why we buy games/consoles. But there are other forms of entertainment that have been segregated for long enough and companies like LG, sony, Samsung are combining those different segments into where it needed to be from the beginning.

Pure and simple...entertainment, as a whole.

refocusedman1849d ago

Just to clarify what I said for people who didnt understand (greenpowerz). I did state its more convenient and everyone loves convenience, but it shouldnt take the focus away from gaming. As fpr getting more for your money, because MS charges you for live their are situations that you pay 2x to utilize an app.

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tigertom531848d ago

Am sure that people thought it would be coming out this month because it was a roomer and people our going to try there next prediction for May... lol Let wait until a official notice.. My bets are on E3...