Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Trailer Analyzed: Reveals Possible New Details

"Hideo Kojima came in bandages at the GDC panel where he officially revealed that The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes are nothing but parts of Metal Gear Solid 5."

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NastyLeftHook01820d ago

awesome, ps3 and 360 owners are gonna have a blast. i just wish it was a ps4/next gen game. but im happy regardless.

thebigman1820d ago

It's not coming out for PC

Mounce1820d ago

No, this is why PC-Elitists can cram it and realize that these are the reasons why console exclusives are nothing to scoff about. Just because there's finally a game that makes PC-people drool. Doesn't mean people who don't own any console have to whine and moan about why it's not coming on PC....

CrimsonFox131820d ago

N4G is the only game site I see where people are happy that a game is coming out on one system and not another.

TheXonySbox1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Dont worry; 360/PS3 emulators are coming out soon.
All your games belong to us.

Console fanboys are pathetic, more platforms more sales, better product.

Mariusmssj1820d ago

At all the consoles fanboys above, you know that Hideo demoed the MGS V at GDC on a PC right???

fsfsxii1820d ago

Goodluck emulating the CELL and downloading 35gigs+ of some games

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BlmThug1820d ago

I would love for it to release on the next gen consoles but this and Gta V is a amazing way to end this gen if MGS V decides to release on current gen :)

topgun331820d ago

Is it true that Keifer Sutterland has replaced Hayter as the voice of Big Boss or was the author trying to be funny?

Emilio_Estevez1820d ago

That is true, but Keifer's a good guy

Good_Guy_Jamal1820d ago

Wait what?? Interest rating has just sky rocketed!! Jack Dammit Bauer is in this?? Day 1!

raWfodog1820d ago

As Sev said, Keifer is voicing Ishmail, not Big Boss.

Sev1820d ago

Actually, Keifer Sutherland was the voice of Ishmael. Not Big Boss.

Jek_Porkins1820d ago

No David Hayter apparently.....

Majin-vegeta1820d ago


bunt-custardly1820d ago

Wow and they missed the really weird revelation that the character at the end has a single horn poking out of his head.

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