Gametrailers Review Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Is this a true horror show, or is it just horrible?

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skitzoid3419d ago

The first game had me on the edge of my seat while playing it in my dark basement with 5.1 sound cranked. Games like this are meant to be played in the dark.

bumnut3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

I nearly sh*t myself when i had to take a photo of the body in the locker but the guy was still alive.

best played while smoking a big fat green one

im looking forward to this game

Klopek3419d ago

I was quite excited about this game but the review notes that it's as long as the original. That sucks. The original was way too short... and I wasted time searching around for those birds.

Now I'm teetering on whether to pick it up immediately or buy after the first price drop.