New PS4 hardware UI and Remote Play details - PSN friend limit raised

GE: "Sony is currently hosting a presentation at the Game Developers Conference to cover new aspects about the PlayStation 4."

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NastyLeftHook01915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Awesome! now i can finally add mr tretton


Donnieboi1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

"PS4 Remote Play: Screens are mirrored on PS4/Vita (Both on at same time). Hardware does it/not on devs. Start at any time; no special mode."

So why is Sony making Remote Play be only optional for Dev's? It should be mandatory since it doesn't require any actual extra work from 3rd party devs. I bet you tat greedy companies like Activision won't allow Remote Play on COD, just so they can charge for another crappy port of COD on Vita (like the 1st crappy Vita COD game).

I hope Sony changes it's policy and makes it a requirement that ALL PS4 games utilize remote play.

delicia1915d ago

I think it only says the hardware does it, no need to devs code it. So it'll probably be for every game. At least I hope so.

Saigon1915d ago

I am just replying to get a piece of the pie. Amazed at the details given for the system, E3 is going to be nuts; Next Xbox, PS4...Showdown Central...can't wait...

NewMonday1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

*“GPU – Tessellation – adding geometric detail to smooth edges or create more organic shapes”

finally confirmed, this could be the most important thing next gen.

*“Debug your PS4 code as you would your PC code”

this could be a megaton, unofficial modding possible? home-brew?

Shikoro1914d ago

All games WILL be playable via Remote Play. They just said that they have hardware to help Remote Play go smoother and that devs don't have to do anything extra to make it playable.

badz1491914d ago

but from what I understand, it's not the same with PS4 and it will work just like how nVidia's Project Shield works where all steam games can be streamed to it on local network and devs don't have to do extra coding.

Waddy1011914d ago

It's optional in the sense that some games will utilize things like the play station eye which would not be practical to use during remote play.

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sergons1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )


how old you are?

sounds like 10 to me.

FACTUAL evidence1914d ago

Ok, so now i just need to hear Sony confirm voice messaging, one-button notifications, and a PSN(sen) name change feature and I'm sold day one for sure.

Insomnia_841914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

PSN ID change, that I want! I don't care if I have to pay for it but just make it happen!!!

Edit: off topic
I just can't stop thinking of how Sony trolled MS:
We won't release the next PlayStation console in blah blah years.
We will let the competition announce their system first.
Then Sony two weeks later:
Ladies and gentlemen PlayStation 4!! xD
LMAO! And the hype's been none stop since then, the people's faces at MSHQ must have been priceless! like "WTF o.O?" lol

TriangleOffense1915d ago

still waiting 2 years before I buy anything

Godz Kastro1915d ago

How are people disagreeing with a question I asked. WTH!

Jaqen_Hghar1915d ago

cause you never question the TriangleOffense!

BulletToothtony1914d ago

cause he only gets $5 each week if he cleans his room

TriangleOffense1914d ago

with the issues both current gen consoles had at launch Im in no rush to jump into next gen, on top of that I have a giant backlog to play so if these games cant be played on next gen systems why waste money at launch for something that will sit there not being used

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Dj7FairyTail1915d ago

don't understand why people disagree with someone decision oh wait I know why
Sony Fans lurks this site.
Anything negative about PS result a dislike.
Seriously if someone choose to wait let em wait.
Waiting 2-3 years before getting PS3 was the best move to make why because late 2008 was when PS3 actually started getting games.

stuna11915d ago

Because people disagreed with his opinion, plain and simple! That's the purpose of the agree/disagree options isn't it!?

Muerte24941915d ago

Natsu would probably own a ps3 lol

Godz Kastro1915d ago

If you are making comment about my "why is that" question then you need to chill. It was an honest question. I really wanted top know as I didn't see much of a correlation with the article.

Eyeco1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

I've never understood this, because prior to 2010 this site was 360 fanboy central from what I remember, Sony doom and gloom articles approved everyday, Mass Trolls on every Playstation article, I still remember a good lot of them, they were that prolific.

And even still N4G isn't the only gaming site on the net, I hear there are tons of 360 fanboys on Gamespot,G4, GT, IGN, why don't you just visit those sites, go and visit those sites instead, if you can't stand N4G anymore ?

I guess the only reason it would appear there are allot of PS fans is because for the last few years a good chunk of the industry's hottest news has been Playstation specific.

And the PS3 was always getting games when you actually look at what was being released, it's mass media hate, made it appear that it was getting no games, but compared to the PS2, 360's 1st year and especially the Wii U the ps3's first 2 years were very strong.

The Great Melon1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )


I remember 2006-08 were some tough years for Sony on this website. Many of the trolls on both sides of the fence have come and gone by now. The bubble system back then somehow allowed them to always have 10 bubbles and be the only ones to comment. It's largely quite now besides the agrees and disagrees.

Good times....

Although, I do miss my 10 bubbles :'( from back then. I worked hard for them.

Ashunderfire861914d ago

That was the year I waited and that's how my PSN ID is Legionaire2008. For 360 it is 2005, the first year I got Xbox Live.

Rainstorm811913d ago

"Because late 2008 is when ps3 actually started getting games"

LOL that was funny guess you forgot about PS3 getting Drakes Fortune Motorstorm, COD4MW, Unreal Tounament 3, R&C tools of destruction ,Assassins Creed, Folklore, Orange Box, NBA2k8, Skate & ES oblivion...these just are a few of the games I played on PS3 in 2007

PS3 has no Games was a myth perpetuated by fanboys, and only really pertained to the first few months of the PS3..... Just like any other launch console.

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MYSTERIO3601914d ago

As awesome as the PS4 is the news that will definitely blow the competition out of the water along with great games would be a AI voice installed on the console similar to SIRI.

Ashunderfire861914d ago

Kinect and PSEye will do that.

TimeSkipLuffy1914d ago

I don't think it will take two years for games to be released I'm dying for to play and it won't take two years to finish the games from my PS3 to do list XD but yeah, I can wait as well. There might be some price cut or extras when you wait some months :3

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chrisarsenalsavart1915d ago

why would i wanna miss 2 years with my new baby?

jcnba281914d ago

Because it will be overpriced and have no games?

The_KELRaTH1915d ago

I'd like to know if I get another PSN annual subscription now will it continue to be usable when I upgrade to PS4.
Not expecting PS3 games to work or anything but I don't want to have to shell out for a new "just for PS4" subscription.

KwietStorm1915d ago

I'm sure they'll go over that at E3, assuming you're talking about PS+. I think the next evolution of the service will be tiered, with the higher tier adding the social and streaming features of the PS4, along with Gaikai service. What would be cool to see Sony do is give current subscribers access to the new features for the rest of our subscription before having to re-up and pay more.

MrBeatdown1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

I can't imagine them asking all existing subscribers to subscribe again, when people are signing up with the expectation that it will carry over. After all, they did announce Plus was going to be a service on PS4. That would just be asking for a backlash.

Worst case scenario, if the PS4 and PS3 versions were separated, you'd probably at least get the option to switch to the PS4 equivalent.

I'd imagine they would avoid an issue like that altogether though.

If they don't move on to a choice-based system to let people pick between different games on different platforms by then, I'd imagine PS4 games would be added in in the same way Vita games were. It's probably be a mix of backwards compatible and "cross-buy" games for a while, with more PS4-only games added in over time as the PS4 library grows.

PinkFunk1915d ago


"PS4 controller: 1920×900 resolution on the analog touchpad"

What does this mean? It's not a screen, so why a resolution.

thebigman1915d ago

Resolution of the interface maybe, so developers can map the pad 1:1 to the screen

PinkFunk1915d ago

@both of you

Ahh okay. I thought that might be the case. That sounds good then - it won't be a gimped touchpad! I wonder how big the touchpad space actually is? I know, I know... google search.

isarai1915d ago

It means more precise and smooth reading on the touchpad, much like you can buy a PC mouse with a higher DPI

Ju1915d ago

That's how you map touch coordinates to the input system. Basically if you want to hit a point on a 1920x1080 resolution you would receive a touch event from a 1920x900 device - thus these coords need to match the screen (or the OS does it). A simple scale would suffice.

It's basically about precision. To be able to exactly hit a "pixel" on the screen, this device would need to have the same resolution. It doesn't really matter, because usually, your fingers are way to big to hit exactly one pixel. But it is very precise with this resolution even though it does not match the full 1080p (I guess the most common PS4 native resolution). You'll loose some lines, but columns will match 1:1.

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