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Submitted by Valay 1046d ago | news

New PS4 hardware UI and Remote Play details - PSN friend limit raised

GE: "Sony is currently hosting a presentation at the Game Developers Conference to cover new aspects about the PlayStation 4." (PS4)

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NastyLeftHook0  +   1046d ago
Awesome! now i can finally add mr tretton

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Donnieboi  +   1046d ago
"PS4 Remote Play: Screens are mirrored on PS4/Vita (Both on at same time). Hardware does it/not on devs. Start at any time; no special mode."

So why is Sony making Remote Play be only optional for Dev's? It should be mandatory since it doesn't require any actual extra work from 3rd party devs. I bet you tat greedy companies like Activision won't allow Remote Play on COD, just so they can charge for another crappy port of COD on Vita (like the 1st crappy Vita COD game).

I hope Sony changes it's policy and makes it a requirement that ALL PS4 games utilize remote play.
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delicia  +   1046d ago
I think it only says the hardware does it, no need to devs code it. So it'll probably be for every game. At least I hope so.
Saigon  +   1046d ago
I am just replying to get a piece of the pie. Amazed at the details given for the system, E3 is going to be nuts; Next Xbox, PS4...Showdown Central...can't wait...
NewMonday  +   1046d ago
*“GPU – Tessellation – adding geometric detail to smooth edges or create more organic shapes”

finally confirmed, this could be the most important thing next gen.

*“Debug your PS4 code as you would your PC code”

this could be a megaton, unofficial modding possible? home-brew?
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Shikoro  +   1046d ago
All games WILL be playable via Remote Play. They just said that they have hardware to help Remote Play go smoother and that devs don't have to do anything extra to make it playable.
badz149  +   1045d ago
remote play on the PS3 definitely need some extra work
but from what I understand, it's not the same with PS4 and it will work just like how nVidia's Project Shield works where all steam games can be streamed to it on local network and devs don't have to do extra coding.
Waddy101  +   1045d ago
It's optional in the sense that some games will utilize things like the play station eye which would not be practical to use during remote play.
sergons  +   1046d ago

how old you are?

sounds like 10 to me.
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FACTUAL evidence  +   1046d ago
Ok, so now i just need to hear Sony confirm voice messaging, one-button notifications, and a PSN(sen) name change feature and I'm sold day one for sure.
Insomnia_84  +   1046d ago
PSN ID change, that I want! I don't care if I have to pay for it but just make it happen!!!

Edit: off topic
I just can't stop thinking of how Sony trolled MS:
We won't release the next PlayStation console in blah blah years.
We will let the competition announce their system first.
Then Sony two weeks later:
Ladies and gentlemen PlayStation 4!! xD
LMAO! And the hype's been none stop since then, the people's faces at MSHQ must have been priceless! like "WTF o.O?" lol
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g2gshow  +   1046d ago
calm down sit boo boo sit
jcnba28  +   1046d ago
No analogue buttons? No buy for me.
TriangleOffense  +   1046d ago
still waiting 2 years before I buy anything
Godz Kastro  +   1046d ago
Why is that?
Godz Kastro  +   1046d ago
How are people disagreeing with a question I asked. WTH!
pr0t0typeknuckles   1046d ago | Immature | show
sourav93  +   1046d ago
Welcome to N4G
Jaqen_Hghar  +   1046d ago
cause you never question the TriangleOffense!
BulletToothtony  +   1046d ago
cause he only gets $5 each week if he cleans his room
gta2800  +   1046d ago
TriangleOffense  +   1045d ago
with the issues both current gen consoles had at launch Im in no rush to jump into next gen, on top of that I have a giant backlog to play so if these games cant be played on next gen systems why waste money at launch for something that will sit there not being used
jon1234  +   1046d ago
vividi  +   1046d ago
Day 1 for me !!
Dj7FairyTail  +   1046d ago
don't understand why people disagree with someone decision oh wait I know why
Sony Fans lurks this site.
Anything negative about PS result a dislike.
Seriously if someone choose to wait let em wait.
Waiting 2-3 years before getting PS3 was the best move to make why because late 2008 was when PS3 actually started getting games.
stuna1  +   1046d ago
Because people disagreed with his opinion, plain and simple! That's the purpose of the agree/disagree options isn't it!?
Muerte2494  +   1046d ago
Natsu would probably own a ps3 lol
Godz Kastro  +   1046d ago
If you are making comment about my "why is that" question then you need to chill. It was an honest question. I really wanted top know as I didn't see much of a correlation with the article.
Eyeco  +   1046d ago
I've never understood this, because prior to 2010 this site was 360 fanboy central from what I remember, Sony doom and gloom articles approved everyday, Mass Trolls on every Playstation article, I still remember a good lot of them, they were that prolific.

And even still N4G isn't the only gaming site on the net, I hear there are tons of 360 fanboys on Gamespot,G4, GT, IGN, why don't you just visit those sites, go and visit those sites instead, if you can't stand N4G anymore ?

I guess the only reason it would appear there are allot of PS fans is because for the last few years a good chunk of the industry's hottest news has been Playstation specific.

And the PS3 was always getting games when you actually look at what was being released, it's mass media hate, made it appear that it was getting no games, but compared to the PS2, 360's 1st year and especially the Wii U the ps3's first 2 years were very strong.
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The Great Melon  +   1046d ago

I remember 2006-08 were some tough years for Sony on this website. Many of the trolls on both sides of the fence have come and gone by now. The bubble system back then somehow allowed them to always have 10 bubbles and be the only ones to comment. It's largely quite now besides the agrees and disagrees.

Good times....

Although, I do miss my 10 bubbles :'( from back then. I worked hard for them.
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Ashunderfire86  +   1046d ago
That was the year I waited and that's how my PSN ID is Legionaire2008. For 360 it is 2005, the first year I got Xbox Live.
Rainstorm81  +   1045d ago
"Because late 2008 is when ps3 actually started getting games"

LOL that was funny guess you forgot about PS3 getting Drakes Fortune Motorstorm, COD4MW, Unreal Tounament 3, R&C tools of destruction ,Assassins Creed, Folklore, Orange Box, NBA2k8, Skate & ES oblivion...these just are a few of the games I played on PS3 in 2007

PS3 has no Games was a myth perpetuated by fanboys, and only really pertained to the first few months of the PS3..... Just like any other launch console.
MYSTERIO360  +   1046d ago
As awesome as the PS4 is the news that will definitely blow the competition out of the water along with great games would be a AI voice installed on the console similar to SIRI.
Ashunderfire86  +   1046d ago
Kinect and PSEye will do that.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   1045d ago
I don't think it will take two years for games to be released I'm dying for to play and it won't take two years to finish the games from my PS3 to do list XD but yeah, I can wait as well. There might be some price cut or extras when you wait some months :3
chrisarsenalsavart  +   1046d ago
why would i wanna miss 2 years with my new baby?
jcnba28  +   1046d ago
Because it will be overpriced and have no games?
The_KELRaTH  +   1046d ago
I'd like to know if I get another PSN annual subscription now will it continue to be usable when I upgrade to PS4.
Not expecting PS3 games to work or anything but I don't want to have to shell out for a new "just for PS4" subscription.
KwietStorm  +   1046d ago
I'm sure they'll go over that at E3, assuming you're talking about PS+. I think the next evolution of the service will be tiered, with the higher tier adding the social and streaming features of the PS4, along with Gaikai service. What would be cool to see Sony do is give current subscribers access to the new features for the rest of our subscription before having to re-up and pay more.
MrBeatdown  +   1046d ago
I can't imagine them asking all existing subscribers to subscribe again, when people are signing up with the expectation that it will carry over. After all, they did announce Plus was going to be a service on PS4. That would just be asking for a backlash.

Worst case scenario, if the PS4 and PS3 versions were separated, you'd probably at least get the option to switch to the PS4 equivalent.

I'd imagine they would avoid an issue like that altogether though.

If they don't move on to a choice-based system to let people pick between different games on different platforms by then, I'd imagine PS4 games would be added in in the same way Vita games were. It's probably be a mix of backwards compatible and "cross-buy" games for a while, with more PS4-only games added in over time as the PS4 library grows.
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PinkFunk  +   1046d ago

"PS4 controller: 1920×900 resolution on the analog touchpad"

What does this mean? It's not a screen, so why a resolution.
azshorty2003  +   1046d ago
thebigman  +   1046d ago
Resolution of the interface maybe, so developers can map the pad 1:1 to the screen
PinkFunk  +   1046d ago
@both of you

Ahh okay. I thought that might be the case. That sounds good then - it won't be a gimped touchpad! I wonder how big the touchpad space actually is? I know, I know... google search.
isarai  +   1046d ago
It means more precise and smooth reading on the touchpad, much like you can buy a PC mouse with a higher DPI
Ju  +   1046d ago
That's how you map touch coordinates to the input system. Basically if you want to hit a point on a 1920x1080 resolution you would receive a touch event from a 1920x900 device - thus these coords need to match the screen (or the OS does it). A simple scale would suffice.

It's basically about precision. To be able to exactly hit a "pixel" on the screen, this device would need to have the same resolution. It doesn't really matter, because usually, your fingers are way to big to hit exactly one pixel. But it is very precise with this resolution even though it does not match the full 1080p (I guess the most common PS4 native resolution). You'll loose some lines, but columns will match 1:1.
PinkFunk  +   1046d ago
Ahh yes yes I see now.
KrisButtar  +   1046d ago
"PS4 Remote Play: Screens are mirrored on PS4/Vita (Both on at same time). Hardware does it/not on devs. Start at any time; no special mode"

that's pretty sweet
SAE  +   1046d ago
Exactly what i wanted. Now we want to know if gaikai will allow the vita to play any ps4 game anywhere we want without turning the ps4 on or even owning one :). I want to play ps4 game on my vita in the bus while going to college or play in coffe shop hehehe..
torchic  +   1046d ago
that's just like the people who keep thinking Gaikai will be used to stream PS4 games onto PS3

no. forward-compatibility doesn't exist here because it doesn't make financial sense.
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KrisButtar  +   1046d ago
"without turning the PS4 on or even owning one" that won't happen, there will be some kind of security check, where if your on your Vita on the bus and want to play a PS4 game, Gaikai will 1st connect to your PS4 at home(confirming you have one) then allow you to stream the game to the Vita while your on the bus. Or maybe you can only sign up to Gaikai with the PS4, and no options will appear on the Vita to stream unless a PS4 with your account is registered.

those are just examples, but trust me, Sony will not let you stream play PS4 games unless you have a PS4. They want to sell the hardware
ginsunuva  +   1046d ago
If it used gaikai it's technically not remote play, just regular streaming
Ju  +   1046d ago
Your PS4 is the server. There is no cloud (at this point). As such your Vita must be linked to your PS4 and as such it must be "on". The games will still run on the PS4, only the output will be re-directed to the Vita (and use its controls).

Same as remote play (this also allows you to switch your PS3 or off, for example - you do not need to switch on the PS3 and then enable remote play). But with the difference, that streaming will not tax the system and hence allows full scale PS4 games to run on the Vita.
SAE  +   1046d ago
Well, I will be owning one. I just didn't want to waste electricity lol

When i think about it i think it is possible but just like what torchic and KrisButtar said. Sony won't do it that way...
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jcnba28  +   1046d ago
It's funny how all you sony fanboys are so excited about remote play when the Wii U does this and more straight out of the box. Also users don't need to buy a $200 vita (which is failing) on top of that for remote play to work. lol
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BLow  +   1045d ago
Always negative. Here's a thought. Can you "remote play" on the Wii U when your not at home? When your more than say (goin high here) 200 ft from your console, does the second screen still work on the Wii. For example, If I go out of town and still want to play PS4 games then I still can on the Vita. That's what people are excited about. You can respond to this if you want...oh wait you can't.

You won't be getting a Ps4 anyways because it doesn't have analog buttons so this doesn't even have anything to do with you. The PS4 has a list a features 10 pages long(exaggeration) and you pick out analog button as the reason you won't get it. Yeah we all believe that one. Please tell me how many games used this feature besides GT5?
yewles1  +   1046d ago
"PS4 controller buttons are going back to digital over analog because no one used it on PS3"

I did, it did wonders when I was doing GT5 with a controller. This decision hurt me hard.
nevin1  +   1046d ago
And when PS5 is released, I can see touchpad, sixaxis and others gimmicks being dropped.
GarandShooter  +   1046d ago
Nah, sticks and buttons are the gimmick, I can't wait until they get dropped.
forcefullpower  +   1046d ago
I think they probably mean the actual botton like the XO and such. I dont think they will get rid of the L2/R2 as analogue. Thats the way i read it.
yewles1  +   1046d ago
That's the problem. I was able to fully enjoy the analog face buttons since PS2, it was my biggest enjoyment for my thumbs when getting that just amount of acceleration in GT's and such. What may be minor to others is a big blow to me.
forcefullpower  +   1046d ago
If you can get a GT5 steering wheel or one of the other logitech ones makes GT5 awesome to play.
Ju  +   1046d ago
You know that on the DS3 every button is analog (0...255), not just the triggers (exceptions are L3/R3/Start/Select). What this means is, those standard buttons are not analog any more. Which might be a little bit of a problem for Triangle/Circle use in racing games, I admit. I guess this will default to R2/L2 now, huh?
Oschino1907  +   1045d ago
I have been using R3 for acceleration and braking since GT4 on PS2. Works way better then X/Triangle or L2/R2 in terms of sensitivity.

Honestly shocked people are still seemingly "dependant" on something that has IMO been obsolete for quite some time now.
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Omar91  +   1046d ago
@ Yewles1: I didnt understand this quote. What does that mean?
darren_poolies  +   1045d ago
Me neither, I don't get it haha.
nevin1  +   1046d ago
"Core gamers are our primary audience"

So what is Msoft's primary audience?
Jaqen_Hghar  +   1046d ago
Kinect Kids and COD and sports junkies (not hardcores)
nevin1  +   1046d ago
PS4 controller colors are the Player Numbers: 1-Blue, 2-Red, 3-Green, 4-Pink (Like the buttons)

So a PS system will finally have a limited of 4 players?

PS1-8 players
KrisButtar  +   1046d ago
How many games on the ps3 actually used more than 4? Developers just don't make games that support more than 4 locally and the titles that do are rare. Hell even split screen gaming is becoming less common
DanyBrown  +   1046d ago
all of ea sports franchise support the maximum number of players locally.(fifa madden etc)
pedja_srb  +   1046d ago
Day 1 for me too ;)
GABRIEL1030  +   1046d ago
Nice great machine ¡
jay2  +   1046d ago
Can't wait :D
Drakesfortune  +   1046d ago
PS4 will charge controllers when it’s off. Unlike the PS3.

This is a feature i like, there been many times when i have gone to play a game and my controller is out of charge...
torchic  +   1046d ago
do what everyone does. use your Wii as a dedicated Dualshock charging portal :p (assuming you have a Wii)
Minato-Namikaze  +   1046d ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I guess i have a reason to turn on my Wii now.
colonel179  +   1046d ago
LOL! I always used the Wii to charge my PS3 controllers!... until I sold it.
Parapraxis  +   1046d ago
Charge it on a PC USB port, that's what I do.
LKHGFDSA  +   1046d ago
Atleast they made an official charger, which I bought.
with the Wii they didn't, so I used a 3rd party one and it broke randomly taking my Wii's power cable with it.
forcefullpower  +   1046d ago
PS4 Controller: Start/Select buttons are now “Options.”

This i like as lately i seem to never press the correct one. Nice that they put it into one button.

This sounds cool too. PS4 Camera Magic – Sees the controller, you guys move, splitscreen moves to be on the right side
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Arai  +   1046d ago
Which means (at least that's what I think) that there will be more space for the touch-pad on the final design as they'll combine Start/Select into 1.

It's a good choice really and "Options" makes more sense, they can have all the quick links under that.

Such as PSN store/send PM etc etc...
porkChop  +   1046d ago
There is 1 problem I see here though. Most games use Select for map/scoreboard/journal, while Start is for the menu. How are they supposed to make use of all those features intuitively if there's only 1 button for them all?


The touchpad will still be the same size because there are still 2 buttons. Options and Share.
Half-Mafia  +   1046d ago
I hope its something like press Options button for Map. Hold Options button for Menus.

like when you press PS button you get the XMB. But when you hold the button you get quit game/turn off console.
StrongMan  +   1046d ago
Sony is making all the right decisions with the PS4.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   1046d ago
A man hopes he can change it so that green is for controller one since it's his favorite color. This is the make or break feature for the system for a man. He won't buy if it's not there lol
Arai  +   1046d ago
- All the PS4 streaming and sharing: that’s on the hardware. Devs don’t have to do anything special to their game.
- PS4 Remote Play: Screens are mirrored on PS4/Vita (Both on at same time). Hardware does it/not on devs. Start at any time; no special mode.

So freaking brilliant, devs can't make excuses, saves cost, efficient...damn!
DOMination-  +   1046d ago
Except that Sony are still making it up to devs to implement these. Just like custom soundtrack and multi sign in on ps3. I hope they change their mind and make it mandatory because its one of the only things i haven't liked about ps4 so far.
thebigman  +   1046d ago
There is a dedicated chip for processing so deva don't have to implement it. Sony said the only games that won't support remote play will be move games and domes that require the light tracking on the new dualshock
porkChop  +   1046d ago
But it isn't optional. When they announced the PS4 they literally said that ALL PS4 games will support Remote Play through the Vita.
garos82  +   1046d ago
And that's why developers are's their choice and they don't have to be tied down to anything other than making a game!
Parapraxis  +   1046d ago
...Learn to read/comprehend.
stuna1  +   1046d ago
I think I've died and gone too heaven!

The news just keeps getting better! The fact that Sony is removing all obstacles to developers beforehand guarantees no excuses can be made as to why a multiplatfom is not on par with the same game on a competitors system or better.
colonel179  +   1046d ago
"as to why a multiplatfom is not ON PAR with the same game on a competitors system or better"

ON PAR?!! Hell, it needs to be better! Right now the PS4 is the most powerful next gen console. Obviously, the next Xbox will be announced to be as similar as possible, but if it is in some way inferior, I would expect PS4 games to be better than other consoles. At the very least, developers NEED to take advantage of all PS4's features in their games.

Too bad that MS won't allow it again, just like they did with PS3 and 360 games. If they have an inferior system by any chance, they must be going through all legal clauses on how and why they won't publish a game on the next xbox if the PS4 game doesn't look worse or the same as theirs, after hearing all these PS4 news.
#18.1 (Edited 1046d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
stuna1  +   1046d ago
I just didn't want to attract any unwanted attention! Catch my drift?
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   1046d ago
While i was reading this article i was day dreaming about all the new possibilities while playing. This Systems is looking very sexy to me. Im a primary 360 user but if MS doesnt not only match what the ps4 can do but also deliver new and constant games i will be making a switch as much as i hate to admit it lol. MS ur up to bat, hope u got babe ruth on ur team...
josephayal  +   1046d ago
gweggegw   1046d ago | Spam
raiden-49  +   1046d ago
We will mis you start and select buttons. D=
DwightOwen  +   1046d ago
I like that you can start playing the game before it's finished downloading. That's HUGE time saver. The install time on PS3 digital games can run up to 30 minutes! JUST THE INSTALL!
nigelp520  +   1046d ago
"Core gamers are our primary audience" SONY
LOL_WUT  +   1046d ago
Good to see that Sony is not falling for that casual stuff. All the improvements have been great can't wait to see this thing up and running.
nigelp520  +   1046d ago
i know. microsoft has been slacking badly
AsiaticGodBorn  +   1046d ago
Always loved the idea of remote play, which was one of the many incentives that factored into purchasing my vita. However, the lack of proper L2/R2 triggers(despite the rear touch pad) and L3/R3 buttons concerns me as it relates to games designed for the PS4 and its respective controller.
lovegames718  +   1046d ago
Wow Sony is just on a roll. Best feature for me is the remote play and how most games will have it because developers don't have to put it in on software side, I want to pre order already hurry up gamestop.
jaymart2k  +   1046d ago
PS3 Slogan - It only does everything

PS4 Slogan - It only plays new games

You know cause it won't let you play your PS3 or PSN purchases from PS3 gen.

Disagree all you want, you can't handle the truth.
#27 (Edited 1046d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
fsfsxii  +   1046d ago
You can't handle how awesome the PS4 is, plus, why'd buy the console? for PS3 games?? lol, you know, you can keep the PS3
Hicken  +   1046d ago
They're not obligated to make a console that allows you to play games from last gen.

If you want to play your PS3 games, you should keep your f***ing PS3!
ufo8mycat  +   1046d ago
Yes jaymart2k because people are going to buy a PS4 to play PS3 games....really?

Not a big issue at all.
PS4isKing_82  +   1046d ago
PS4 is sounding more and more like the perfect console everyday.
Good job Sony!
Magnus  +   1046d ago
I hope the PS4 has one option that the Xbox 360 has the ability to download a game when the console is turned off. I love that feature on my Xbox I just hate leaving my PS3 running for a while when I go out to download a game.
DivineAssault  +   1046d ago
just change up your auto power saving.. Mine shuts down after 3 or so hours of inactivity... Anyway, i think that feature is a give in since u can buy a game off the app on your phone & the system starts downloading so u can play when u get home.. I wouldnt make sense if that feature wasnt in it
Rip-Ridah  +   1046d ago
Well, PS3 DOES have the option to download games while the console is turned off. One of the MANY advantages of PS+. You should research it. You may discover some features that you truly find useful. (Not being sarcastic btw.)
darren_poolies  +   1045d ago
" PS3 DOES have the option to download games while the console is turned off."

Ummm no it doesn't? Does it? If you're talking about the PS Plus Automatic Downloads, the PS3 turns itself on to do it.
Rip-Ridah  +   1045d ago
Splitting hairs much there? Okay, got me. It technically turns itself on to do exactly what he is asking for. Sorry that I lied to you guy.

Magnus  +   1045d ago
Hmm this is something I never knew now I just gotta research thanks guys
black911  +   1046d ago
Will the controller have a mic on it?
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