PlayStation 4 Eye Detailed

Sony went into great detail behind the PlayStation 4 Eye and Dualshock 4 during their GDC conference, going as far as explaining why the L2/R2 buttons have been curved.

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iXenon1856d ago

This is actually pretty interesting. I hate how a video on Hulu will rewind or fast forward when I put down my controller.

Donnieboi1856d ago

"1920×900 resolution on the analog touchpad"

Wait, what? What does this mean? The touch pad will now have a visual display (?).

Karlnag31856d ago

I think it just means it's pixel accurate up to that resolution.

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maniacmayhem1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

"Can see the controller, so if you’re playing split-screen and move, your half of the screen will switch sides also"

How cool is that?! Very!

It's those little details I find impressive.

BitbyDeath1856d ago

What if your playing 3 player splitscreen and someone else has the big bit at the bottom, do you think you could move and steal it from them? LOL

despair1856d ago

lmao, couch minigame of fighting for the bigger screen.

Ju1856d ago

You'll get 3 stripes instead. LOL

PinkFunk1856d ago

Hahahaha. Had a good laugh. Would troll my friends so hard :p... thought ultimately, the tallest wins :(

Jaqen_Hghar1856d ago

blending real world fighting for position with virtual world fighting for your life. Now that's what a man calls immersion!

kingPoS1856d ago

In a game of Warhawk, screen space is king. (and so is the 3rd player)

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NastyLeftHook01856d ago

never cared for the ps eye, maybe things will change?

Lvl_up_gamer1856d ago

LMFAO all of a sudden Kinect is cool...just as long as it says PS4 EYE on the box.

I love the hypocrisy on this site.

nevin11856d ago

I dont get it either.

And no I dont have a 360.

But seriously, it really does seems that people will only be excited for things that the company they favor after dissing others for offering the same gimmicks.

People are very inconsitence.

And the people who do the disagrees will be the 1st ones to complain when they have their PS4(or 720).

scott1821856d ago

Ps gamers liked the camera long before kinect. But for me it's not so much the camera as it is the move controller, It is a much better version of the wiimote. That is one reason i'm glad the wii was such a success, i love the move.

loulou1856d ago

i cant wait to see n4g explode with joy when ps eye games are made.. it's going to be like the second coming.

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shoddy1856d ago

It might be similar to kinect but Sony will never depend on kinect like games to push the console.

I want buttons

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SlavisH21856d ago

yep there is a huge bias towards sony here and im a playstation fan lol.

scott1821856d ago

Well it is playstation article....

JasonKCK1856d ago

i know i will get a lot of hate 4 this but it really is just kinect. get ready for a lot of dance and workout games.

BitbyDeath1856d ago

No, Kinect still isn't cool.
Kinect 2 though, that might be.

NeXXXuS1856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

Kinect was never cool. It was a gimmick that microsoft made just because everyone else was doing it. they didn't pull it off that well either.
let me refresh your memory...

also, kinect support for the next xbox system may not be optional which is a bad move on their part.

Roper3161856d ago

I couldn't careless about either but what you say is true.

They are & have been basically the same thing with a different name on it.

zebramocha1856d ago

@lvl no,there was a kinect like camera for the ps2/ps3 that had games,excluding the trolls,kinect did more harm for the core xbox gamer than good,it took away from core games being made by Ms first party studios,it didn't work the way it was unveiled to the masses and didn't enhance gameplay much,wether you like the move or not it was better for a variety of games than kinect will ever be.

GravelerMagnitude91856d ago

Ps4 eye is not Kinect. Ps4 eye doesn't require you to stand up while using and it tracks the controller positioning , not jumping and punches and kicks with body parts. If ps4 eye is used with the move controller, it would be more precise than a Kinect. Also, if you could please stop bashing next gen tech, us gamers over here could enjoy gaming as a whole, but you have to bring Xbox to a Playstation article comment section.

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