Frontlines review - "the most epic multiplayer maps ever constructed for the Xbox 360"

Gameplayer's review of Frontlines: Fuel of War has gone live in which they argue that the game features some of the best map design available to online X360 gamers.

"And 'epic' really is the keyword here: while Kaos has been busy with all aspects of the Frontlines experience, the one thing that immediately stands out with this game is the size of some of the maps featured. They're huge, and impressively so."

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Blademask3934d ago

I dont think they have ever played warhawk..

32 multiplayer with a good looking engine has been done already. 60 is next.

SlappingOysters3934d ago

this was a multi-console game... which it isn't. Luckily I have both consoles 8-)

I do like Warhawk. I'm going to try Frontlines this weekend, I just hope it's not one of those games that lags like hell in Australia.

toughNAME3934d ago

But I highly doubt this game can compete with the likes of Gears, Halo 3, and COD4

My interest has defintely been peaked, I'll give this game a rent for sure

LastDance3934d ago

halo mayaswell have done what warhawk did and barred the single player.

kwicksandz3934d ago

the player cap for front lines is 50 not 32. oh and it has dedicated servers too so no crying about large p2p games please.

bumnut3934d ago

i was playing 64 player online games on pc 5 years ago

InMyOpinion3934d ago

I don't think you have played anything on the 360.

bumnut3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

I have a 360 and i have this game.

its not very good, thats my opinion.

you don't agree with my opinion so you say ive not got a 360?

fermcr3934d ago


Yep ... been playing Battlefield with 64 players years ago :)

InMyOpinion3934d ago

I was referring to Blademask.

Btw, Towely rocks!

bumnut3934d ago

i thought you meant me, sorry

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bumnut3934d ago

this game is not the greatest.

the single player is over in 5-6 hours and the online is too laggy with 32 players.

i have seen a couple of games with 50 player slots, but no players in them.

The maps are huge and feel a little empty with 32 players


"the most epic multiplayer maps ever constructed for the Xbox 360"
Yeah and a glorius 77.8% average on gamerankings.
Looks like the 360's best just aint good enough.

sabbath4203934d ago

you say "no i was playing 64 player online games on pc 5 years ago" Thats pc not a console. There is a huge difference in pc and a game console don't you think? Especially in price. To the guy that said the game is to laggy with 32 and the maps feel empty. I have had only a few problems with lag and when I do I find a different room. I live in nevada and have no trouble with any servers except sometimes the Eu. servers. And now that they have fixed the server trouble matches are easy to find and get into. I have not played in the 50 player games yet as they have all been full. But the maps are perfect in size and function. I especially like the invasion map.

sabbath4203934d ago

Have you played it? Do you always rely on other peoples opinions? I feel sorry for you then.

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