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Submitted by setaimx 976d ago | rumor

Crytek USA CEO To Bid On Darksiders IP

Crytek USA CEO David Adams has announced his intention to bid on the Darksiders IP when the rest of THQ's properties are auctioned off in April. (Culture, Darksiders 2, David Adams, Industry, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Zechs34  +   976d ago

For what? To claim it to be the best looking adventure game only for it to be shallow and ultimately disappointing?

No, never. Crytek NEVER does that...
Knight_Crawler  +   976d ago
Very ironic coming from someone who has the Crytek logo as there avatar.

You cannot judge Crytek just becuase of what they have done with Crisis becuase FPS are over used and its hard to bring something new and fun to the table without copying COD or some other shooter.

Darksiders on the other hand is a hack n slash adventure game so they have room to be creative.

I would actually like to see Crytek work on this game and see what they can being to the table than work on another shooter.
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Zechs34  +   976d ago
Crytek Logo?... Lol. Its the Sharingan from Naruto.

As far as judging Crytek, I definitely feel entitled to do so based solely on the disappointing games they have provided IMO, and the fact that they cant keep their mouth shut.

Crysis 1? Glorified tech demo responsible more for crappy memes rather than the game itself.

Crysis 2? Laughably bad IMO.

Crysis 3, while a GOOD game, was put down by the fact that these clowns cannot keep their mouth shut about anything.

Crytek's best game was Far Cry 1, and they have yet to match it. Probably never will. While Far Cry 3 (Ubisoft) destroys any game Crytek has ever put out.
Hicken  +   975d ago
How much have they done outside of Crysis?

All they talk about is teh grafx. A franchise like Darksiders doesn't need to be in the hands of a dev that can't get gameplay or story right.
bicfitness  +   976d ago
As long as they don't make it an FPS or TPS, there is hope for the series. At least it will be pretty, and they would have to try real hard to F up the source material.
adorie  +   976d ago
Crytek does not need this I.P. Darksiders has an actual story and lore to it.. I wouldn't want it to become some husk of what it was and be one of the best looking hack and slash games of the decade.
Substance over eyecandy. Any day of the week, all year long.
3-4-5  +   976d ago
This is dumb. They could use that money to star a new IP.

This is why they are out of touch with the current reality.

They have money and the ability to create a game, yet they are chasing something they don't need.

Create something new.
DragonKnight  +   976d ago
NastyLeftHook0  +   976d ago
i agree, it would be all about shiny graphics and you could probably only do 3 moves.
sashimi  +   976d ago
Lol this isn't going to end well.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   976d ago
sweet hell yes
Soldierone  +   976d ago
Dangit..... of all the people to get the game, its going to a company that only cares about visuals and nothing else.....
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   976d ago
you know apart of me is like hell yes buy it,but the other part of me sees the future(beautiful game where strife is in it and its just boring gunplay,fury never gets her own game, death and war trade in scythe and sword for guns)
sly-Famous  +   976d ago
NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Here comes another snorefest from crytek! R.I.P Darksiders you use to be a good game. Sony pleeeeeaaase buy the IP and keep it out of the hands of these talentless people!
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Tachyon_Nova  +   976d ago
These talentless people you speak of are actually almost all of the original team that made Darksiders... When Crytek decided to buy them, the whole team wanted to be a part or the 'new' studio.
Amigaengine  +   976d ago
Hope he gets it.
Mouktouk  +   976d ago
In my opinion, if bidding on the Darksiders IP includes acquiring the Vigil Games staff, it can only be a good thing for Crytek.

Crytek can make gorgeous photorealistic games, but their games cruelly lack of a soul, a real art direction. Vigil Games are the right guys to fix that, like they showed it with the Darksiders series.
Tachyon_Nova  +   976d ago
They already have most of the vigil games staff, that is who comprises Crytek USA at the moment...
Mouktouk  +   976d ago
I didn't know that, thanks for the clarification.
ApolloTheBoss  +   976d ago
HELL NO. If Crytek has it, That means EA has it. Do NOT let this happen.
Tachyon_Nova  +   976d ago
Why does it mean that? Crytek are a fully independent company, one of the largest independent game companies in the world actually, and they clearly have no exclusive deals with EA given they were making Home front for THQ and are making Ryse for Microsoft still, plus they self published a mobile game.

Stop fear mongering
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PopRocks359  +   976d ago
Oh FINALLY! I mean, jeez I was wondering whe-- Oh. It's Crytek. Wonderful... just friggin' wonderful.
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Well, at least it'll look pretty.... *sigh*

Not too late Sony. Santa Monica studios is amazing at making hack-n-slash games. I think they need something new to work with while we take a rest from GoW. They'd do it justice in both visuals and gameplay. Hell i'd even give it to Ready at Dawn over Crytek.
Dr_Yanni  +   976d ago
For those of you that don't know, the majority of Vigil Games' staff was picked up by Crytek to open their new Cytek USA site in Texas. Also, the Crytek USA CEO is David Adams, formerly of Vigil Games.
Zechs34  +   976d ago
While true, I fear for that studio. It reeks of what Epic did for the people behind Kingdoms of Amalur. I hope they continue to provide good games and not crap based on the power grip Crytek and EA will have over them.
Tachyon_Nova  +   976d ago
EA has nothing to do with Crytek except that they are publisher for the Crysis series so far. Crytek is independent 100%, they own all their studios and IP's including Crysis. They have worked with Ubisoft in the past, THQ before they went broke, published their own mobile game, are making a game for Microsoft and have Warface being 'published' by various companies all over the world, none of them EA.

It pays to know what you are talking about sometimes.
Amigaengine  +   976d ago
Seems fitting that most of Vigil's staff now works for Crytek. If they can recapture the magic for Darksiders 3 along with Cryteks visuals......Mind F***ed.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   976d ago
Cool beans
ziggurcat  +   976d ago
don't know why people are crying over this - frankly, i'm glad to see a really good IP get picked up by *someone*. it was shameful to see people pass over this when THQ was being auctioned off.
Roper316  +   976d ago
does Crytek even know how to make a non FPS game?
b_one  +   976d ago
Crytek....Darksiders.... hmmmm..... hard to match those two.
black911  +   976d ago
I would like Sucker Punch to buy the IP!
sly-Famous  +   976d ago
i.e Sony.
jameson12345  +   976d ago
Soooo, if Crytek gets the Darksiders IP,the Wii U will have Darksiders 2, but not any of its sequels? Man, that sucks.
ironfist92  +   976d ago
Plenty of Ex-Vigil employees are now working for Crytek, combined with their graphics engine, and hopefully not meddling in the development of the riginal creators, we could have an amazing Darksiders 3 game
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   976d ago
I'm glad it won't fall into "Eternal Darkness" R.I.P.-IP *Sniff*

But I'm not sure if Graphics crazy Crytek crew is the one for this-

They do have a lot of the ex-Vigil creative talents there
so maybe it will be all good.
Alos88  +   976d ago
I just hope it won't be FTP... **** FTP.
Whymii  +   976d ago
Whilst not being a fan of Crysis, I recognise the talent that Crytek obviously has. Different strokes for different folks. I know people that love Crysis, just as I know others that don't. The game is what it is and doesn't have to be anything else. Just as halo, gears of war, CoD and uncharted are what they are. I have no doubt that if Crytek was to make Darksiders 3, it would be a true Darksiders game and not Crysis.

It is easier to criticise than create. I wouldn't assume that Sony would be any different the Crytek. Just as I wouldn't assume Microsoft or Nintendo would be any better. Mind you, Darksiders is very much Zelda for grownups...
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fsfsxii  +   976d ago
R.I.P Darksiders. Next year, tune in to crytek's new game, amazing graphics, shallow hack N' slash gameplay
Amigaengine  +   976d ago
God Of War ? :)
fsfsxii  +   975d ago
What does that have to do with God of War??

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