First look at Playstation 4 Controllers and Eye Camera

Up close and personal with the brand new PlayStation 4 controller and PlayStation Eye.

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JoGam1881d ago

The PS4 controller looks sexy. Can't wait to touch it.

ABizzel11880d ago

Really I think it looks kind

I love the light bar and should button view. That's sexy.

But the controls section looks a bit off. I think it's the touch pad. It would have looked better if the entire middle section was the touchpad and looked like the back screen of the Vita, instead of the leather carseat look, and the speaker could have been moved somewhere else along with the PS button. And the two tone gray/black doesn't look as good as an all black IMO.

Not ugly at all, but I would have made a few different design choices ascetically.

mrmancs1881d ago

i agree , cannot wait to open the box containing the ps4 and pad and sniff up the aroma of new plastic hardware.. Hope they come in snassy tie up bags with the logo printed on . That would be cool.

Crystallis1881d ago

WOW, that's a slick looking controller. Cant wait to get my hands on it.

MrAnderson1881d ago

Since we're all being weird and slightly sexual about this, allow me to join in the fun, I can't wait to rub my genitals on the controller....there.

WeedyOne1881d ago

Dont forget to tape down the shoot button....


nevin11881d ago

So is the camera required to use the controller or not?

BitbyDeath1881d ago

I believe the primary purpose of the lightbar is to simply show you which player you are player 1 will have a different colour to player 2 etc. (Replacing the 4 leds on the back of the DS3)

From there it'll be up to the dev. They could make it flash when your health gets low, they could incorporate the camera to work with it. But none of this will be standard among games.

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The story is too old to be commented.