Muramasa Rebirth New 12 Minutes Gameplay Video has posted new video from Marvelous AQL's latest game.

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dedicatedtogamers1909d ago

Any info on what has been added or changed in this game? I played the first half on Wii (the girl's storyline).

Cloudberry1908d ago

Released in June 25th 2013.

Xaphy1908d ago

thanks bro bubbles for you

Cloudberry1908d ago

1. DLCs for new 4 playable characters & stories.

2. This game has physical & digital release.

3. Vita version will have dedicated JUMP button.

CrescentFang1908d ago

There will also be a completely new translation compared to the Wii game published by Ignition

CalvinKlein1908d ago

never had a wii but always wanted this game badly, I will buy it for vita for sure.

young7yang1908d ago

judging from the intro it looks like the same game

I got around 20 hours of playtime out of demon blade...

but this video preview does not warrant a second playthrough

the environments and bosses are all the same..


Knushwood Butt1908d ago

My copy is in the post, along with soundtrack CD.