The best and worst of Kickstarter: an interview with Susan Wilson

Kickstarter is a powerful thing. It can build projects, fund dreams and change lives. You like a project, you back it. Simple as that, right? Well, not always. When Susan Wilson tried to fund her 9-year old daughter’s trip to an RPG camp, she was first met with optimism, and then cynicism. What caused such conflicting views? We spoke to Susan to find out.

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zeal0us1883d ago

At least with this Kickstarter you knew what this woman had plan on using the money for. Despite the fact Susan Wilson is a millionaire.

Now Anita Sarkeesian is a different story. She got over $150K and no one truthfully know what that money is being used for.

Blacktric1883d ago

"At least with this Kickstarter you knew what this woman had plan on using the money for."

Really? She's a millionaire who never needed any cash to send her daughter to game development camp to begin with. She could've gotten a private teacher let alone send her to a camp that costs 800 bucks. The reason people are mad is that she made her two sons looks like a-holes who made fun of a little girl for wanting to develop games, so that people would donate tons of money.

She's a scammer who uses the, currently popular/in, "hurr durr gender roles" thing to get quick cash. She does the exact same thing with the other jobs she's involved along with her husband.

And I'm not gonna go into how she broke the general Kickstarter rules by spamming the links of her "project" to celebrity twitters to gain even more attention.

Moncole1883d ago

I reported the kickstarter of that millionaire who want to send their kid to camp. Hope it gets taken down, she is trying to con people by playing the sexist card that girls cant do anything.

JohnApocalypse1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

That fuckin card

3-4-51883d ago

Yea she posted that request to like 20-30 different sites or companies.

She is begging, yet has the money...

it is pathetic.

majiebeast1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

The misogyny card works everytime just look at Anita Sarkeesian with her tropes vs women videos.

Lucreto1883d ago

If it doesn't get taken down you know for sure it will be some peoples mission to make every penny accountable and will rain down lawsuits if anything is amiss.