Child Runs Up £3000 Bill Via Free To Play Ipad Games

In what seems to becoming a weekly occurrence, yet another child has run up a huge bill via free to play games on Itunes.

The child in this case, a male aged 13, managed to run up a staggering £3000 + bill on his fathers credit card. The child downloaded more than 300 extras for free to play games. The boy claims to have not known that all these extras incurred charges to his fathers credit card. The father of the child has accused Itunes of ”duping” his son.

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Linko641823d ago

How can anyone run up a bill of £3000 and not notice?!!

--Onilink--1822d ago

or better yet, how can a 12 (12!!) year old claim such a thing?

Sclavius1823d ago

is this the new "go-to" story now, seems like every week we get at least one new story about a kid spending an ungodly amount of money on a "free" game.

GamerEuphoria1823d ago

Nope, that's still the whole sexism thing.

Enigma_20991822d ago

The kid didn't know, yet he knew he needed his dad's credit card?

You can't be that stupid, dad. I think you just can't wring the little monster's neck and get your money back.

plmkoh1822d ago

Technically the vendor should refund the money since (at least in my country) a Kid under 16 cannot agree to contracts that aren't 'necessities' without parental/guardian permission. Every time you buy something on the web/app store you agree to a statement, that's the contract.

GamerEuphoria1822d ago

Think the fact the account was in the fathers names might counter your point. Not totally sure though

juandren1822d ago

I understand your point, but if that is the case and the kid gets refunded, everybody could just start claiming that a 13-year old kid made payments without them knowing. If Apple (or any other company) makes this exception, the floodgates are going to open and they will get 10 000 requests a week. Not going to happen

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The story is too old to be commented.