CVG- Battlefield 4 Preview

CVG:From the evidence on display at Battlefield 4's first reveal of its FPS in the Skandia Teatern in Stockholm last night, EA seems to be after two things. First, it wants to lay an unshakable claim to having one of this year's biggest releases. Second, and admittedly, this is extrapolating, to an extent; it wants to eclipse its competition.

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Tonester9251816d ago

Single Player DLC confirmed

VoiceMale1816d ago

can't honestly say I am s huge fan of battlefield I loved ban company, nut Dice aiming to dethrone call of duty seems to be realistic cause bring somebody who plays cod more do than battlefield am seriously exited for this game

detroitmademe1816d ago

im interested to see how the experience will fair on the ps4 .Will most of BF4's features on pc make their way to the ps4 or will the game be gutted like BF3 was on ps3.

venom061816d ago

a GREAT preview write up for BF4 .... great read for a sure to be great game...