Euro Nintendo eShop Downloads Pack Big Titles This Week wraps up this week's Nintendo eShop downloads for Europe. Aside form one Nintendo Wii U release with the anticipated Lego City Undercover, it's the 3DS that gets all the love. Titles like Luigi's Mansion 2, Code of Princess or even Harvest Moon will make it hard for small titles to grow this week.

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stuna11396d ago

My bad I miss read the title! I thought it said "Download Packs Big Titties This Week"!

Whymii1396d ago

Ah, Resident Evil, Luigi's Mansion, Lego City, Harvest Moon are all big titles. So yes, the eshop is packing some big titles.

Don't let the facts spoil a good troll....

stuna11396d ago

It wasn't a troll! It was an actual mistake.

Whymii1396d ago


My apologies. I was wrong to accuse you of trolling. I guess I've developed a negative view to a lot of the posters on anything Nintendo. It's healthy to criticise, but the fanboys on IGN don't seem to understand the difference between criticism and trolling.

Daavpuke1396d ago

Your below post warms my heart. Admitting some slight overreaction can be tough in this internet era. Good on you for being a sensible person.

In retrospect, perhaps choosing Code of Princess as a pic wasn't the best plan.

stuna11396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

It's cool no foul.


That's what caught my attention lol.

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