Defiance beta Impressions

Trion Worlds and SyFy are about to release their cross-media series, Defiance. Leading up to the April 2nd launch of the game portion, players have been invited into the beta to test the game. Kyle was one of those invited and here he gives you his thoughts on the game.

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CustardTrout1670d ago

My one came today, don't think I can get on it...

sloth33951669d ago

i tried the beta and didnt like that when staying still i would aim and my guy would just start walking for no reason

Myst1669d ago

Yeah it was a known problem in the beta and thankfully they said they got it fixed in the final.

MysticStrummer1669d ago

That's nothing. One of my controllers was fine, no movement when the stick was let go, but the other one is a little off so when I'd let go it go my character would run forward. With other games there might or might not be very slow forward movement if I let it go, but the sticks were so sensitive in Defiance it was a problem. But as Myst said it was a known problem and supposedly has been fixed.

Myst1669d ago

Is it April 2nd yet...?

MysticStrummer1669d ago

No kidding. I've been relieving my Defiance jones by watching videos of beta gameplay. I was messing with the EGO Calculator too until I was told it's not accurate to the actual EGO grid. It's already been a slow week waiting for release.

Myst1669d ago

I know what you mean I was doing the same until it just started to annoy me about because I couldn't play. So I just got more hours at work to help pass the time.

Fasttrack761669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Got mine sitting here like a pretty £40 coffee coaster at the moment, we brought it let us bloody play it already...