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Over the last couple of years (and heading into the future), the great game series of the past have begun the process of trying to reboot their franchises to appeal to a the current gaming community, while also trying to appease the fans of old.

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ObligedKiller1665d ago

Metal gear needs a roboot???? Are you having a laugh.

NerdBite1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Read the article instead of just looking at the featured image.

@Murad "I am kind of shocked to see you use a Metal Gear picture to introduce this type of article." I used the image, used on the site.

Again I never wrote the article, I only manage the posts on the site.

Murad1665d ago

I am kind of shocked to see you use a Metal Gear picture to introduce this type of article.

zerocrossing1665d ago

I read the article and I still think you're wrong, MGS isn't half as convoluted as most people argue it is and if you'd played all the games prior then you should have no problem following the plot of MGS4.

crazysammy1665d ago


Exactly. Most people that think the story is convoluted are trying to enter the series at the end. Of course it doesn't make sense if you start at the end.

Ryder491665d ago

I actually started playing MGS on Guns of the Patriots and had no problems following the supposedly complex story.

Go figure.

Don't worry, playing MGS4 got me into the series and I then played the rest of them. Snake Eater is definitely my favourite, as most would agree.

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2pacalypsenow1665d ago

I 100% disagree with mgs needing a reboot , a game finally has a deep story and they say it too confusing ? Man people are dumb

ObligedKiller1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

@ GamePunch
Mgs is a bit like Hamlet. Both have complex storylines which require multiple playthroughs/readthroughs before you can fully understand them. I think a roboot would be an insult to creator and fans. I respect your opinion but I still disagree with it.

NerdBite1665d ago

No worries, we all have our opinions. Although I never wrote the article, just posted it. You can talk to the author about it on the site.

ObligedKiller1665d ago

Thats alright man. No worries

crazysammy1665d ago

A great CG cartoon from the 90s.

zerocrossing1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

@ Coltrane_C

Basically "In serial fiction, to reboot means to discard all established continuity in a series and start over from the beginning"

More info here ( )

Coltrane_C1665d ago

I know what a reboot is but what is a roboot

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pr0t0typeknuckles1665d ago

one series i think they should add to the list is [PROTOTYPE],that series should get rebooted,it has a lot of potential to be an amazing game,but it just didnt live up to it.

kirbyu1665d ago

I hate when people prefer one thing over another just because the one they prefer is the one from their childhood.

fsfsxii1665d ago

MGS needs a reboot?? what have you been drinking??

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