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Battlefield 4 won't have co-op mode

In an interview with the Dutch game website GamersNET.nl Lars Gustavsson, creative director at DICE, told Battlefield 4 won't have a co-op mode. They want to focus on the multiplayer and singleplayer of the game and therefore there is no place for a co-op mode. (Battlefield 4, Dice, EA, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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MariaHelFutura  +   490d ago
No worries. As long as it has MP, I'm there day one.
guitarded77  +   489d ago
Co-op is my favorite form of MP, so this is a letdown for me. I'll still buy it for the MP and SP, but Battlefield campaigns are perfect for co-op, so I wish they'd just do it. They'll probably add a co-op defend/hoard more as DLC later or something, but it's not the same as campaign co-op.
thechosenone  +   489d ago
sometimes you just need a break from MP and just want something fun to play with your friends that isn't too stressful, hence co-op mode.
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Hufandpuf  +   490d ago
Not surprised
Hellsvacancy  +   489d ago
I didnt mind the coop, I only played it so I could get the platinum, it was awight though, I didnt hate it like I did Far Cry 3s coop, again, only played that to get the platinum

Hmmmm, maybe they shouldnt include it then, I wouldnt "have" to play it then

The same goes for the campaign though, I only really played that because I needed to, Battlefield has always been about the multiplayer, they should scrap the SP aswel
CyberCam  +   489d ago
This is one of the reason the BF series will never over take COD series. There are many people that purchased COD for strictly the coop (Note: I haven't been a COD fan since COD4:MW)

The coop in BF3 was adequate, but it was short and they did nothing to add to it, they just left it to die out. If they did do addons to coop, we would have at least bought that dlc.

My friends and I love coop over pvp, and the exclusion of it (along with many other reasons - Origin/Battlelog *cough, cough*), is why we will not be purchasing BF4 this time around and sticking with ArmA 3.

For those that love the multiplayer & the XP grinding for better weapons & gadgets, will have a blast because this game is made for them!
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Hufandpuf  +   489d ago
Having three other friends playing CTF on Endgame in BF3 is like Co Op to me. Stick with the ARMA series because I can't see BF having Co Op for a long time now.
CyberCam  +   489d ago
Interesting POV... I guess you can kind of think of that as a form of coop. And, yeah I think you're right, I can't see BF having any kind of coop too.

Well, I/we are extremely happy with ArmA 3, so no real loss us.

One thing I can't stand with BF3/4 though, is the grinding for weapons, attachments & items/perks on vehicles.

In BF3 I stopped getting into flying vehicles because others that were playing longer than me had all the gadgets, rockets etc. and had the advantage.

I'm not spending any extra money to buy my way to full perks weapons and fighting with others over use of the vehicles is stupid.

Not so with ArmA every flying vehicle is equipped the same, so pure skill is the deciding factor in dog fights and there are limits to your ammo, so you have to land to rearm. Also, things are much more organize in ArmA, where everyone has a role & plays it well!

P.S. I wonder why you got the disagrees??? Your statement was bang on!
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DoomeDx  +   490d ago
A dutch site? Seriously?
Septic  +   489d ago
What's wrong with that?
DoomeDx  +   489d ago
It wasnt on google translate while it was still pending.

MrBlack343  +   489d ago
Indeed, my bad.
Muffins1223  +   490d ago
Shame,the single player demo they showed looked like it was made to be played with 4 people.If anyone saw the demo like i did,it would be awesome if the single player was co-op and this looks like it was made for it.Cause you could see that you could command your 3 buddies with you like in a squad in a multiplayer match.If they did this it would be really cool!
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SlavisH2  +   489d ago
Why the hell would a military, which prides themselve on teamwork and working together, game HAVE co-op?
MYSTERIO360  +   489d ago
I'm hoping theres at least split screen co-op in the multiplayer.
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GiggMan  +   489d ago
Me too but I doubt it. :-(
SirBradders  +   489d ago
Although i didnt enjoy the co-op of bf3 they could have atleast improved upon it or had the campaign as co-op. It wont stop me from day one purchasing it though.
FullMetalTech  +   489d ago
I think they should scrap it. I tried it with friends and they werent as interested in it as they were into MP.
Npugz7  +   489d ago
That's too bad!!!
FlyingFoxy  +   489d ago
Well Co-op is great fun in Left 4 Dead 2, Killing Floor & Nazi Zombie Army. Doesn't really matter if the new BF doesn't have it cuz its always about the MP in that game.
swishersweets20031  +   489d ago
co op was good in part 3 for a break away and also you could practice flying the helicopter without pissing off people in MP.

Would rather it be returned.

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