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Ten Worst Xbox 360 Games

The Xbox 360 has been out for more than two years now, and while there have been a lot of great games released in that time, the 360 has seen its fair share of bad games as well. There isn't quite anything as epically terrible as Drake of the 99 Dragons or Aquaman like we saw on the original Xbox, where Xbox fans are proud to have them in their collection like a badge of honor, but there are plenty of stinkers that could reach those heights of fame and misfortune. Check out our full list of the Ten Worst Xbox 360 Games right here. (BlackSite: Area 51, Bomberman: Act Zero, Def Jam: Icon, Hour Of Victory, Jumper: Griffin Story, NASCAR 08, NFL Tour, Sonic the Hedgehog, Two Worlds, Xbox 360)

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decapitator  +   2728d ago
In all fairness, Sonic the Hedgehog was garbage across all platforms. With that said, I am actually looking forward to the DS sonic game because it is been developed by Bioware.
decapitator  +   2728d ago
Damn, I have seen lower but thats really low. Why is that game rated so low ?
skynidas  +   2728d ago
yep that game really sucks
sonarus  +   2728d ago
i doubt it is as bad as hour of victory. I got it from a friend and it was terrible. Worst use of Unreal engine yet. The faces look like they were made with mud
InYourMom  +   2728d ago
I have to agree with you there.
Not a good game at all.

Actually this whole list I agree with. The biggest disappointments being Blacksite Area51 and Two Worlds because I had high hopes for both of those games so they stung extra hard when I found they were not very good.
Shaka2K6  +   2728d ago
Terrible games.
For a terrible console.
WIIIS1  +   2728d ago
They got the list of worst 360 games just about right with many top PS3 games in it.
poos3  +   2728d ago
the multiplats on that list are some of the best ps3 games out there
Rocko  +   2727d ago
Don't be pissed you bought Jumper.
Then again, you probably bought Lair as well.
marc 1975  +   2727d ago
he got owned
Breakfast  +   2728d ago
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

Biggest piece of garbage know to man...
Kojima touches kids  +   2728d ago
Lair is by far the worst game available on any platform.
Breakfast  +   2728d ago
I played about 15 minutes of lair at a friends. Thats about 10 more minutes than i played Gundam. I really dont even know why i played Gundam im no fan of the show or whatever it is.

Trust me that game belongs in the garbage, not a console.
jackdoe  +   2728d ago
I actually like Dynasty Warriors Gundam. Now Gundam Crossfire. That is a real, sh!tty game.
Gish  +   2728d ago
Make sure you don't take away the horrible glory of Area 51 away from PS3!! Let's people rag on something other than Lair (I liked Lair actually, just like if you hear horrible things about a movie, its hard to live up to the awfulness)
masterdebator  +   2728d ago
Its sad
I liked the first area 51, but blacksite was garbage.
Gish  +   2728d ago
I never played the first one. I am sure Blacksite would have faired better if it hadn't come out at the end of the year during the golden months of last year.
masterdebator  +   2728d ago
My expectations were probably a little too high because I enjoyed the first one a lot, but they should of delayed it for a few months. It would probably made the game a whole lot better.
bourner  +   2727d ago
to 5.1 its not saying that the 360 is bad its just a look at the worst games that developers have made. just funny to talk about some of the games people made and there problems . dont go and stick up for 360 when no one is attacking it and just have a laught
Gish  +   2727d ago
Actually wasn't sticking up or putting down either. I only have a PS3, so I know it was a rough game for me on that. Plus I was just bored and felt like commenting. Wasn't one of my "deep thought provoking" posts. :)
llamaman13  +   2728d ago
they make it sound like its the 360's fault
actually hour of victory was really gay, i would have to say it had the worst online in a video game ever! the lag was unbearable!
wow4u  +   2727d ago
This is N4G. Never mind all the massive hits. Lets post stories about the turds.

Games like Halo 3, Mass Effect, BioShock, Forza 2, Gears of War, Lost Odyssey, Ace Combat 6, Dead Rising, Project Gothum Racing, Crackdown

Every one of those games has a higher meta critic score than almost every exclusive on the PS3 or Wii.
otherZinc  +   2727d ago
Where is the PS3 & Wii ten worst games. There would be to many choices & not enough room in this little box to write on.

you are so right, talk about the Massive hits that everyone buys & play online all day.
jackdoe  +   2728d ago
I'm surprised they forgot Bullet Witch. That was a bad game.
HarryEtTubMan  +   2728d ago
lmao at the Brickbox
captainpwn  +   2728d ago
5 worst marketed like the 5 best
My list:

5. Lost Oddessey
4. Project Gotham Racing 4
3. Dead Rising
2. Gears of War

and finally, get ready...

1. GAYLO 3

The 5 games are in. Xbugs will buy anything as long as it contains a gun or is on 4 discs or is buy a developer who ditched them. That's the life of the xbug. Wake up, hoping your console is back from repair, buy some games to "support" Micro$haft, later in the monh get a new xflop, and then call in to M$ within the next hour because the PoS is broken.
Mycococo  +   2728d ago
take off all those games on your list and put MASS DEFECT
i really enjoyed playing Def Jam Icon back when i had a ps3 and thats all there was to play.

but really i would buy it for cheap again. if you were good at it it was fun. AND THE STORY.... LAUGHABLY AWESOME.
Rocko  +   2727d ago
You losers aren't even trying now are you?
Every game can't be AAA in such a HUGE library. PS2's library was huge, with plenty of crap. But you conveniently forgot that right? Sit the f**k down and shutup.
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t-0_ot-  +   2728d ago
captainpwn - I don't believe that's happened to me. But, you sure seem familiar with the process.. what number you on? 18th??

And, don't be stupid, EVERY system EVER made had horrible games..

And, what's wrong with Dead Rising? That's a great game..
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Mycococo  +   2728d ago
the quack your talking about....
simply listed the games he is most jealous that are exclusive to xbox and not his console.

they are some of the most acclaimed titles so he most def has nothing important to say and i would bet his life is just as worthless as his comment.

00  +   2728d ago
vampire rain
thats the worst game ever.
GETPWNZORED  +   2728d ago
LOL. Who knew the lifeless droid army would flock to this article? If they made a list for PS3, it would have to be "top ten PS3 games which aren't in the top 100 list of sh1t games ever made."
Big Jim  +   2728d ago
Gattaca: the game.
devilhunterx  +   2728d ago
what about the great exclusives like ..
Tenchu Z, Bullet Witch, America's Army, and majority of XBL Arcade games?
InMyOpinion  +   2727d ago
Tenchu Z should definately be on the list. PS2-emulator all over.
KillaManiac  +   2727d ago
Ya I agree with ur 3 list...those are PATHETICALLY terrible

Id say America's Army is the worst of em
kingnick  +   2728d ago
DOAX2 should have been on the list.
I Call 9MM  +   2728d ago
I had some pretty high hopes for Blacksite, and I was definately disappointed. It's not the worst game ever made (I'm sure Hour of Victory falls a lot closer to it then Blacksite does), but it definately "could have been left in the oven another 6 months". Another year in development worked well for Timeshift. That one wasn't the greatest game ever, but it was short and sweet and I enjoyed it. I can't say I didn't slightly enjoy Blacksite, but it wasn't anything special (well, maybe special like the special olympics). The multiplayer was passable and enjoyable in small spurts (kinda like playing Quake but your character must have a stick up their ass since they move so slowly), but with CoD4 and Halo 3, who needs this.

No, Blacksite was a disapointed, there I said it. At least I bought it on sale.
sticky doja  +   2728d ago
I disagree with them on Two Worlds. While it did have alot of problems I think the good aspects of the game more than made up for the faults.
Nevers  +   2728d ago
hahaha Two Worlds... good?
dude... I tried and tried but between that (explative) horse that I woulda gladly ground into dog food and the main guy searching for ... the TAINT... among the many many other horrible aspects; I just couldn't do it. IMO TwoWorlds was one of my biggest disappointments of 2007 and one of the worst games of all time.
spandexxking  +   2727d ago
and the ending to two worlds, oh god. heres an impression "you have saved your sister from the weird realm blue hues and OTT saturation. well done" game over. seriously the ending SUCKED big time.
hamsterfist  +   2728d ago
What about
Bullet Witch?

That has to be the most broken POS game I have played on the 360. Black Site did not really deserve to be on this list, not the best game (pretty average) but easily not in the worst 10 for the 360.
Mr Playboy  +   2727d ago
I agree
Black site was a decent game
Big Jim  +   2728d ago
Mass Effect
Mass Effect might very well be the worst video game I have ever played. It fails as an RPG. It fails as a shooter. The conversation trees are painfully boring and pointless. The vehicle sections are a hellishly un-fun horrific nightmare of blandness. The graphics made me want to kill myself. The inventory system was created by Satan as a means of punishing humanity. With the exception of the music, that game did not have one good thing in it. Not one. Damn you to hell bioware, you damn dirty apes. How did this game get made? How? How could this happen? Damn all you critics who gave this game a good score. You will burn in the deepest, darkest, coldest, hottest depths of the deepest dirtiest bowels of hell for giving that abortion good scores. How could that game happen? How? I mean........I mean, my God!.......Why?
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GETPWNZORED  +   2728d ago
Hehehe, u big, fat liar.
level 360  +   2728d ago
See NASCAR is rubbish even in CGI form, the most atrocious form of racing sport ever.
Don't know how they can dig this blatantly boring race test really.
Skizelli  +   2727d ago
Says you. To the oblivious, I guess driving in circles, as people like you put it, would be pretty boring to watch, and I'll admit that I even get tired of it at times. But try driving in an oval as fast as you can without spinning the car out. It's not as easy as it looks. It's not the only racing sport to race in circles, either. People that try to simplify it by saying they just drive in circles seem to know nothing about the aspects behind it.
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hamsterfist  +   2727d ago
Oh and people please stop linking this "top ten" whatever articles, they are pointless and are starting to get really annoying. Maybe I will create a top ten reasons why top tens suck.
Havince  +   2727d ago
deffo two worlds, i managed to fin it but it could have been better

i agree with the guy uptop VAMPIRE RAIN by far the worst
THWIP  +   2727d ago
This guy had such a hard time finding 10 bad games on the 360, he actually had to pick a few multiplatform games to fill it out. :p
devilhunterx  +   2727d ago
Obviously forgot the great XB2 exclusives such as:
Tenchu Z, Bullet Witch, America's Army, and majority of XBL Arcade games...
wow4u  +   2727d ago
Thankfully, there are far more good games than poor ones.

For every turd, there has been an exclusive stellar performer.

And, unlike the competitors, the stellar games are far more frequent.
BWS1982  +   2727d ago
I like
how the site has links to buy the games they abolish to such a fate...
ambientFLIER  +   2727d ago
Hah, you'd never see a list like this for the PS3, because EVERY game on it is bad :P
Mr Playboy  +   2727d ago
Especially Lair
Phil Harrison Mk4  +   2727d ago
Should it be...
100 Worst xBox360 games!!! ;-D
BLUR111  +   2727d ago
one comment... spam
t-0_ot-  +   2727d ago
Phil Harrison Mk3 - Your just jealous that your... wait a minute.. your not with Sony no more.. nevermind.
brothersimon  +   2727d ago

most of these games are multiplat so it dont really matter

as they will suck only another 20% more on ps3 as all ps3 multiplat games. :)
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Savior X  +   2727d ago
Worst part>?
They're going to port Two Worlds to PS3 !!! Why waste the Blu- Rays?
Z501  +   2727d ago
Sorry to say but ...
the 360 leads in this catagory.
Just sayin'

Shrek the Third
Spider-man:Friend or Foe
Samurai Warriors:Empires
Warriors Orochi

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