Final Fantasy X-2 HD May Not Contain All Of The International Content

This week’s issue of Dengeki Magazine provides additional Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster details.

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Dir_en_grey1796d ago

Sigh...they probably want to sell it as DLC

blitz06231795d ago

It's funny because Square actually took the time to "take out" content. Making HD versions of games does not have anything to do with content. It's just using the exact game and improving its graphics.

wishingW3L1796d ago

Square's lazyness break boundaries.

Sidology1796d ago

And nothing of value was lost.

maddfoxx1795d ago

The extra dress spheres, missions, and locations are worth it.

Hicken1795d ago

Well damn, that sucks. Hopefully they'll add it. If they don't, but make it DLC, I'll probably wind up buying it. I'd rather not, though, and have it as part of the game.

Magnus1795d ago

A typical Blu-Ray is anywhere between 25-250 gigs I doubt both FFX and FFX-2 can fill a Blu-Ray up like that. I could see cutting some out of the Vita version I don't know how much data the Vita cartridges can hold. But cutting the PS3 version of the game is lazy and like one guy said they might offer it as DLC. Alls I know is this game is a must have and I'll enjoy playing it again.

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The story is too old to be commented.