Battlefield 4 Gameplay Details

A closer look at Battlefield 4 and what was revealed.

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HarryB1605d ago

You can use the optics and move it to the default cross hair I like that. I liked that they prioritized the pc first.

DoomeDx1605d ago

Anyone else thought that ''Cut my legg off'' part felt very forced?

M4I0N31605d ago

should've at least been a couple of hacks at the leg to cut it off. Gotta cut through the bone aswell!

peowpeow1605d ago

In a way yes because we'd only just seen these characters, and it seems sudden. I feel once it's in the context of the game though it'll flow smoother

RamsesNum11605d ago

Yeah, its a really cool feature. I dont think any platform but PC can do this game justice.

Hufandpuf1605d ago

I think the icons and alerts at the top right of the screen are really interesting.

SnakeCQC1605d ago

literally just bought bf3 premium like 2 weeks ago

TheGrimOfDeath1605d ago

Cool story bro, enjoy the game and then buy this game. It's no biggy.

SnakeCQC1605d ago

lol ive had the game for some time nbut just got all the maps

Muigi1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

I doubt the PC version will be as different to the consoles;compared to bf3 on PC vs ps3/Xbox.

nthstew1605d ago

there no doubt the pc and nextgen console are different..
pc=ultra settings
nextgen console= medium setting (struggling to run 60 fps)

JKelloggs1605d ago

As different? This game is two years ahead of BF3, and running on a newer engine, shouldn't that be the opposite?

GABRIEL10301605d ago

like Bioshock infinte, the game looks almost the same for PC, 360, PS3.

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