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Submitted by bunt-custardly 1054d ago | opinion piece

Killzone vs Battlefield 4 next gen physics

With Killzone and Battlefield 4 showcasing next generation visuals, the realtime physics have reached new heights. (Battlefield 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Kanzes  +   1054d ago
Welcome to the next-gen gaming
ABizzel1  +   1054d ago
Agreed both games look great, but they're not running on the same equipment.

THat being said, Battlefield should win in physics, destruction, etc... Frostbite engine has been completely revamped for bringing back the same level of destruction that Bad Company had. On top of that it's all running on high end PC hardware.

Meanwhile Killzone is running on the PS4 (mid PC hardware), and a maximum of 4GB rather than the full 8GB, and a launch title for new hardware.

Battlefield 4 has it for now, but we'll have to see what Killzone brings at E3, and what Battlefield 4 looks like on consoles.
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lociefer  +   1053d ago
Winner: gamers
TomOfAllTrades  +   1053d ago
Why does Battlefield 4 have it now? A destruction engine doesn't improve graphics lol
chukamachine  +   1053d ago
ABizzel Min pc specs you say for PS4.

An APU with 8cores(unheard of)not seen before.
8gb of GDDR5 ram 192gb's
Good GPU for running games at 1080p, Because that's all it needs to run at.

I love pc's as much anyone and i'll be getting BF4 it. But I really wise people would stop talking smack.

Titan may be the single fastest GPU, but it brings nothing that the dual card does, infact it's slightly slower.

Maybe Nvidia will show another head, but with hair this time and decent ears and eyes.

pores are so last gen.
Mr-SellJack  +   1053d ago
sci-fi always win against realism in terms of graphics aswell as unknown enemies,weapons,city,a different universe...will always be superior
imt558  +   1053d ago
KZ : SF was made by dev kit with 1.5GB RAM.
greenpowerz  +   1053d ago
Killzone was running on a PS4 spec PC. Also Killzone devs and Sony have lied about what they've shown before.

imt558 is right.

Most PS4 devs were making games on PS4 with Sony's old PS4 specs for a long time(4 gigs of ram etc).

Sony's new specs revealed at the Sony presser didn't exist before the reveal and probably still uses target spec PC's. This was a response to what they thought MSFT was up to. PS4 devs have even said Sony changed the specs to keep up with the 720(or announced different ones from what the devs were using) This is why Sony not showing a console at the PS4's very! reveal! sparked a internet craz.
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Nick_515  +   1053d ago
I think Killzone had some real next gen gunplay, while BF4 looked like BF3 with a lot better graphics (the people look really great in it, though). We'll have to see when the games actually come out, but I would rather play Killzone either way, not because of the graphics, really.
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The_Infected  +   1053d ago
You seen Killzone 4 running on PS4 on early dev PS4 kit with half the ram before the final reveal of 8GB GDDR 5.

You seen BF4 running on "most likely" a couple thousand dollar custom high end PC.
ABizzel1  +   1053d ago

Look at both videos. Especially in the end of Battlefield. Battlefield is open crisp detail, and Killzone is using a fog filter to hide the beautiful rendered city while the action is going on. Yes the explosion caused the fog, but it's just a way to put less work on the CPU and CPU while keeping things looking good (a magic trick) and it looks great. But Battlefield may as well be an open world game in some sections since the maps are so huge. When they're running through the field just look at the attention to detail, the scale of the map, and everything that's going on. Flock of Birds, vehicles, destruction, tessellation, lighting, etc... BF4 PC has it for now until we can do a fair comparison of BF4 console vs Killzone PS4.


What are you talking about. I said the PS4 is a mid PC spec wise. And the Killzone demo was running on only 4GB of RAM MAX at the time, because Guerilla nor any of the other devs. knew the console would be shipping with 8GB at the time. Where are you getting this min pc specs from?
Septic  +   1054d ago
Whilst I think its way too early to tell, destructibility is most likely a bigger focus in Battlefield and the Frostbite engine because of the gameplay elements that gamers have expected from the series since the Bad Company games.

So I expect the physics to be more impressive all throughout BF4; it should really play a key part in the multiplayer. Killzone doesn't necessarily need it but to be honest, we have no idea what the developers take on the MP for the next iteration will be.
RaidensRising  +   1054d ago
Kiillzone beats it when it comes to artistic direction, but the physics arent as impressive as BF4's. Can't wait for both games tbh.
abzdine  +   1054d ago
killzone: SF is a 100% next gen title while BF4 is both. on the paper KZ will be more advanced and most optimized technically cause they only focused on one version for one console.
And just for the Move, 3D and Vita remote play i'm getting KZ.
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Hufandpuf  +   1053d ago
Killzone is a graphics beast. it really looks stunning, but BF4 has it beat in the Physics and sound and nearly matched in the graphics department so far. I can't wait to see more from both games.
piroh  +   1053d ago
let´s wait for E3. i´m betting on KZ
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1053d ago
I am betting on bf4. Dice knows x86 and they are doing a higher level of realism on a larger scale. It's been a while for GG. Either way they will both lack innovation. It's shooters. Bf4 preview was more exciting imo. If you only play on consoles you will say killzone. This is how the world works on n4g.
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piroh  +   1053d ago
it´s current gen vs next gen. BF4 could run on PS3, but KZ:SF couldn´t run on PS3 due to epic exteriors, graphics and interactive atmosphere. it doesn´t mean BF4 is bad

it´s KZ3 vs BF3 all over again
AusRogo  +   1054d ago
So excited for next gen!!
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1054d ago
killzone is very colorful and im sure it will have awesome single player experience. While BF4 has this depressive greyish color to it and the campaign looks yawn.

We still have not seen the alt the physics in next killzone
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ichimaru  +   1052d ago
lol what? your seriously just compare kz and bf's color palet and call bf bland. just no
DigitalSmoke  +   1054d ago
Isn't it tome for developers to start implamenting GTA style of ragdol already!?
I want to see characters fall realisticaly with a chance to stay alive and stand up!

Or i wanto shoot a guy in the arm having it effect he's fire the moment he shoots, in real time, is this to much!?
ichimaru  +   1052d ago
sounds like you want ARMA 3 look it up
first1NFANTRY  +   1054d ago
Not this crap again. And they wonder why there's a so called fanboy war? The media started it all!!!

Why can't both games just coincide respectively? I'll be getting both because they offer different experiences.
SatanSki  +   1053d ago
Its not media. It was like this forever. Thirty years ago stupid people were fighting over commodore and atari for example.
TheKayle1  +   1054d ago
i liked both sooo much...but technically talking bf3 being more advanced than kz3 as bf4 will be more advanced than just up to the engine..and just a better engine at least on what i seen in the trailers...(well but bf could be run on pc while kz for sure was in a sort of ps4 pc)
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rmw2hot  +   1054d ago
KZ shadow fall graphics and scale is more impressive can't wait till they show multiplayer. Definitely the first game I'm buying 4 the ps4.
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TemplarDante  +   1054d ago
Wow.. Killzone Shadow Fall looks epic!
Im getting both games Day1, like I got KZ 2,3 on PS3 and BFBC1,2 And BF3 day 1. Their totally different kind of shooters and love both.
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kikoano   1054d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
DeletedAcc  +   1053d ago
I will buy both!
Hufandpuf  +   1053d ago
If I get a PS4, I will buy both.
green  +   1053d ago
If Battlefield 4 looks exactly like this on the PS4, then then Sony first party studios will not have an edge in the graphics department over 3rd party studios.
plaZeHD  +   1053d ago
Both suck. Both games only got a shiny graphics upgrade nothing more, but people will buy those games stupidly.
Rip-Ridah  +   1053d ago
How do you know? Have you played both to their completion? How's the online community & innovations? Look, I'm not the biggest FPS fan myself, but I'm smart enough not to judge a book by its cover. Your comment is premature, prejudice, & childish. If neither game interests you, maybe you should spend your game related research more productively; ie. Looking for games that may suit your fancy.
plaZeHD  +   1053d ago
What innovations? Please tell me. Dice should have just made Battlefield 4 a competitive multi-player game only, and they could have done tones better.
Just wait and see, my friend. Same thing happened with Battlefield 3.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   1053d ago
Battlefield 4 smashes and crush the face of Kz4 no contest. BF4 do have advantages with a newer updated engine while KZ4 is the same ps3 engine being ported over to ps4. GG will have a new engine in place when KZ5 gets released then it will be fair to do comparisons.
Detoxx  +   1053d ago
BF4 looks better
carreirabr  +   1053d ago
GeoMOD 2.0 from Red Faction Guerrilla still more impressive than BF4 destruction.

Hope DICE get some enemy AI in place this time.
sandman224  +   1053d ago
Battlefield 4 was comfirmed that the preview was running in 4k resolution. So take that into consideration when comparing the two.
dangerousjo33  +   1053d ago
killzone looks much more new n fresh then bf4
Perjoss  +   1053d ago
Yeah I really liked the part with the guns and the shooting, all battlefield has was, erm, never mind.
Bhai  +   1053d ago
Perjoss, in addition to guns and shooting, you forgot mentioning interesting sci-fi looks, multi themed environments(not only monochrome middle eastern look), better storyline, wonderful creative design and awe inducing set pieces, varied characters etc.
Yeah the only thing common in BF is guns and shooting... you're right :)
GABRIEL1030  +   1053d ago
Killzone, because is designed only for the next generation. Battlefield looks great but technically will be more limited because will be release in 360/PS3. I'll buy both games for PS4.
ichimaru  +   1052d ago
what? literally none of what you said Made made sense friend. you understand how optimization vs developing for static hardware works? look, regardless of if frostbite was developed for pc only or multiplatform, that doesn't make it weaker than one developed for the ps4. as long as it can be optimized to run on the highest end pc, it Will likely run more impressively. for instance, kz3 was ran on guerilla's engine, and accessible for Sony only, while frostbite's engine was accessible for all platforms. at the end of the day frostbite's engine running on its highest pc settings put kz3 to a dark shame.
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cyclindk  +   1053d ago
Yeah who can really complain with either title!!

But Battlefield for with amazing destruction at 60 fps and 720p resolution and great visuals to boot vs Killzone's reported 720p rez and 30 fps and few other details to actual destructibility and all that.. it seems only to edge ahead in the visual department alone, but BF4 may be next level stuff all things considered, scope, physics, vehicular combat spanning air, land and see, no to mention the all around wonderful (and likely highly enhanced) traversal and animation systems, so fluid.
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medman  +   1053d ago
Again, people ask the wrong question. The important question to ask is which will be the better game to play.
Mr-SellJack  +   1053d ago
Kilzone most likely,more work and effort is put into the design
,weapons,enemies aswell as it has the best melee ever created in history of gaming.There's nothing imaginative or innovative from a military shooter.They could easily go to a military camp and test,design the guns or even search on the internet for the vehicles that's imitating besides KZ SF wasn't shown much and played seriously(jimmy fallon and anthony anderson wtf?)
josephayal  +   1053d ago
Nothing can beat KZ2.....Nothing
ATiElite  +   1053d ago
really you can't debate this article.

Sony fanboys are gonna say KZ4 no matter what.
PC fanboys are gonna say BF4 no matter what.

Art or graphics wise, come on Photo-realism always beats Art.

I was more impressed by BF4 than KZ4.

Seriously I was more impressed by KZ3 than KZ4 minus the graphics. I hope GG has more in store for KZ4 and I believe they are holding back the goodies to reveal later on as KZ4 nears completion.

Looking forward to BF4 and KZ4
Mr-SellJack  +   1053d ago
oh really says the guy that has Arma 3 as his avatar,the enemies and sci-fi world of KZ SF alone beats BF4.Oh really photo realism always beats art since when?about only 5 realistic games are praised for their GFX(uncharted,BF,RDR,Just Cause,Farcry)whereas atleast 20 games that focus on art are praised for the GFX including Indies!!Creativity beats lack of imagination.
ichimaru  +   1052d ago
"sci-fi world of KZ SF alone beats BF4." thats completely opinion. you may be looking for something different in your games. I know many gamers who feel too old to be playing sifi shooters ( some people turned of too halo for the same reason) while others love to take a break from the military shooter. kz being sifi, or taking a different approach makes it unique but not better
ATiElite  +   1050d ago
Dude Arma 3 CRUSHES all that crap so I can careless.

I can run Arma 3 on Ultra at 1600p and nothing is touching it right. NOT KZ4 Not BF4 Not Crysis 3 NOTHING.
thechosenone  +   1053d ago
realism always beats out art direction? did you really just say that? lol
Bhai  +   1053d ago
Hey ATiElite, what happened? Dude KZ has both... photorealism + Art... its going beyond reality actually gives it more interesting position. Wow thechosenone, those gifs are awesome man... nah, BF4 has nothing over those city scapes!

I have no probs loving BF4 but c'mon, you do agree, its gonna be monotonous and boring with that single mood.
ichimaru  +   1052d ago
I'm a hardcore bf fan but I have to agree with you there. don't think I'm even going to try to beat the sp. terrible terrible campaign. the only bf story I enjoyed was bc
songoku  +   1053d ago
KZ4 is not KZSF if you didnt noticed, if it was KZ4 it would say KZ4 just like all the other games that put numbers in their games. like there hasnt been a ratchet and clank 4 but there was deadlock and the future series and the other ones but none was R&C4. you get what im saying cuz its not rocket science to read a name.
lovegames718  +   1053d ago
look at the fake pc elitist sucking ps4 off lol You would think as much as these ppl talk about high end rigs they would have one hahahah like 90% of computer gamers dont have the high end rigs they claim to have!!! and stand by.
Bhai  +   1053d ago
KZ will be about multi themes and environment variety, with great physics set pieces like interactive water, glass, breakable stone pillars etc. KZ3 had that all.
As for BF series, anyone can do rigid-body wall breaking over same themed one fixed environment type. same building assets etc.
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songoku  +   1053d ago
Modern shooters are not as innovated as future shooters, KZSF looks amazing even though its not KZ4 while BF4 looks like a regular modern shooter with nothing new to show. i like both but i go for the more innovated out of the two with a bad ass enemy.
songoku  +   1053d ago
for those of you who think KZ shadowfall is killzone 4 your stupid, that is a new killzone like COD black ops and people was calling it COD5 just cuz new name. if it was really KZ4 then it would shit on everything in graphics like always. BF4 looks like BF3 to me but it has more epic moments than BF3 and thats cool but dont compare BF4 to KZ4 a game that hasnt been shown cuz thats stupid. AGAIN WITH CAPS, KZSF IS NOT KZ4. :)
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