Killzone vs Battlefield 4 next gen physics

With Killzone and Battlefield 4 showcasing next generation visuals, the realtime physics have reached new heights.

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Kanzes1909d ago

Welcome to the next-gen gaming

ABizzel11909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Agreed both games look great, but they're not running on the same equipment.

THat being said, Battlefield should win in physics, destruction, etc... Frostbite engine has been completely revamped for bringing back the same level of destruction that Bad Company had. On top of that it's all running on high end PC hardware.

Meanwhile Killzone is running on the PS4 (mid PC hardware), and a maximum of 4GB rather than the full 8GB, and a launch title for new hardware.

Battlefield 4 has it for now, but we'll have to see what Killzone brings at E3, and what Battlefield 4 looks like on consoles.

TomOfAllTrades1909d ago

Why does Battlefield 4 have it now? A destruction engine doesn't improve graphics lol

chukamachine1909d ago

ABizzel Min pc specs you say for PS4.

An APU with 8cores(unheard of)not seen before.
8gb of GDDR5 ram 192gb's
Good GPU for running games at 1080p, Because that's all it needs to run at.

I love pc's as much anyone and i'll be getting BF4 it. But I really wise people would stop talking smack.

Titan may be the single fastest GPU, but it brings nothing that the dual card does, infact it's slightly slower.

Maybe Nvidia will show another head, but with hair this time and decent ears and eyes.

pores are so last gen.

Mr-SellJack1909d ago

sci-fi always win against realism in terms of graphics aswell as unknown enemies,weapons,city,a different universe...will always be superior

imt5581909d ago

KZ : SF was made by dev kit with 1.5GB RAM.

greenpowerz1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Killzone was running on a PS4 spec PC. Also Killzone devs and Sony have lied about what they've shown before.

imt558 is right.

Most PS4 devs were making games on PS4 with Sony's old PS4 specs for a long time(4 gigs of ram etc).

Sony's new specs revealed at the Sony presser didn't exist before the reveal and probably still uses target spec PC's. This was a response to what they thought MSFT was up to. PS4 devs have even said Sony changed the specs to keep up with the 720(or announced different ones from what the devs were using) This is why Sony not showing a console at the PS4's very! reveal! sparked a internet craz.

Nick_5151909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

I think Killzone had some real next gen gunplay, while BF4 looked like BF3 with a lot better graphics (the people look really great in it, though). We'll have to see when the games actually come out, but I would rather play Killzone either way, not because of the graphics, really.

1909d ago
ABizzel11909d ago


Look at both videos. Especially in the end of Battlefield. Battlefield is open crisp detail, and Killzone is using a fog filter to hide the beautiful rendered city while the action is going on. Yes the explosion caused the fog, but it's just a way to put less work on the CPU and CPU while keeping things looking good (a magic trick) and it looks great. But Battlefield may as well be an open world game in some sections since the maps are so huge. When they're running through the field just look at the attention to detail, the scale of the map, and everything that's going on. Flock of Birds, vehicles, destruction, tessellation, lighting, etc... BF4 PC has it for now until we can do a fair comparison of BF4 console vs Killzone PS4.


What are you talking about. I said the PS4 is a mid PC spec wise. And the Killzone demo was running on only 4GB of RAM MAX at the time, because Guerilla nor any of the other devs. knew the console would be shipping with 8GB at the time. Where are you getting this min pc specs from?

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Septic1909d ago

Whilst I think its way too early to tell, destructibility is most likely a bigger focus in Battlefield and the Frostbite engine because of the gameplay elements that gamers have expected from the series since the Bad Company games.

So I expect the physics to be more impressive all throughout BF4; it should really play a key part in the multiplayer. Killzone doesn't necessarily need it but to be honest, we have no idea what the developers take on the MP for the next iteration will be.

RaidensRising1909d ago

Kiillzone beats it when it comes to artistic direction, but the physics arent as impressive as BF4's. Can't wait for both games tbh.

abzdine1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

killzone: SF is a 100% next gen title while BF4 is both. on the paper KZ will be more advanced and most optimized technically cause they only focused on one version for one console.
And just for the Move, 3D and Vita remote play i'm getting KZ.

Hufandpuf1909d ago

Killzone is a graphics beast. it really looks stunning, but BF4 has it beat in the Physics and sound and nearly matched in the graphics department so far. I can't wait to see more from both games.

piroh1909d ago

let´s wait for E3. i´m betting on KZ

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

I am betting on bf4. Dice knows x86 and they are doing a higher level of realism on a larger scale. It's been a while for GG. Either way they will both lack innovation. It's shooters. Bf4 preview was more exciting imo. If you only play on consoles you will say killzone. This is how the world works on n4g.

piroh1909d ago

it´s current gen vs next gen. BF4 could run on PS3, but KZ:SF couldn´t run on PS3 due to epic exteriors, graphics and interactive atmosphere. it doesn´t mean BF4 is bad

it´s KZ3 vs BF3 all over again

AusRogo1909d ago

So excited for next gen!!

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