Battlefield 4 won’t feature co-op

During our visit at the DICE studio in Stockholm, CEO Karl Magnus Troedsson told IGN Benelux that Battlefield 4 won’t feature co-op. The developer wants to focus on the singleplayer and competitive multiplayer of the first person shooter. Battlefield 3 did feature co-op.

Check out the translated source article (Google translate) here:

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E4t_Le4d1669d ago

To me, this sounds like a good idea. Maybe they're going to ditch Co-op for a bot mode?

Neixus1669d ago

damn, i loved playing it with my friend, oh well.

SlavisH21669d ago

Why the hell would a military, which prides themselve on teamwork and working together, game HAVE co-op?

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1669d ago

So then it's already a downgrade. Even Battlefield 3 had co-op. It's funny to see that Battlefield 3.5 won't have it. Again, it just shows this is a rushed game not worth buying.

sovietsoldier1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

co-op was lame anyways