Bioshock Infinite becomes one of the all-time top rated games

"Pulling in 43 critic reviews, Bioshock Infinite has a score of 96 out of 100 on the PC, making it the joint most-critically acclaimed PC game of all time alongside both Half-Life games and the original Bioshock, according to Metacritic's pooled scores. Out of the Park Baseball is also up there, but it's only of a review sample pool of five critics, so we'll call that an anomaly."

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ApolloTheBoss1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

This what happens when you put your heart and soul into something you want to create. Hard work pays off! Take a lesson, EA.

Hufandpuf1909d ago

Take a lesson THQ, oh wait.

04soldier1909d ago

To be more specific.. take notes bioware!

supraking9511909d ago

Bioware made the best trilogy story this generation. Bioshock 2 was a let down but Mass Effect 3 was an amazing game with a controversial ending... Bioware is doing just fine.

DivineAssault 1909d ago

Bioware went to $h*t after they sold their soul to EA.. With todays technology, im sure they would pull off some great stuff but EA put their stamp on their software so now theyre a lost cause...

ginsunuva1909d ago

This is what happens when you successfully get critics to give you higher scores through subtle bribery because you know that higher Metacritic == better sales.

grailly1909d ago

Do you really believe that? I do believe that game scores are generally to high, but I don't think bioshock has been favored more than any other game.

btw, that's the wrong use of ==, its a comparison, what you're looking ofr is = which is an affectation.

FlunkinMonkey1909d ago

What a completely negative and retarded view.. Complete ignorance, good job brother!

Do you not think it might be something to do with the fact that it's unique with awesome art design, and the developers were allowed to take their time to sculpt something brilliant, with interesting characters and a fantastic back drop..

Get back in your hole

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Venox20081910d ago

that's nice to hear, one day I'll try it definately

LOGICWINS1909d ago

I'll def pick it up along with the Last of Us in June.

Ezz20131909d ago

why wait till june ,LOGIC ?!
you will love me
did you bought GOWA yet ?!

LOGICWINS1909d ago

With a recommendation like that, I might just buy it sooner!

No I haven't bought Ascension yet, I'm waiting till the Collector's Edition drops in price a little.

ArchangelMike1910d ago

I'm loving the game so far, it definitely deserves the critical acclaim that it is receiving.

ALLWRONG1909d ago

First one was better imo and twice as long. Still a great game though and deserves some of the high scores, but it's not a 10. Just a tad overrated, a tad.

Root1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Yeah the first one is amazing, but it was obvious that nothing was going to live up to it.

This is a fantastic game but I can't help pointing things out while playing and thinking "That seems like a renamed Bioshock item" like the Killer Crows Vigor which is basicaly the same as the Insect Swarm plasmid in Bioshock for example

lashes2ashes1909d ago

If you have seen the ending and really think hard you can piece together why vigors and plasmids are the same thing. I at first thought it was stupid having almost the exact same things in both I know why and its awesome.

Thatguy-3101909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Honestly I prefer this one over the first one. The thing I like about this one are the two main characters. The voice acting is uncharted level and the fact that it's more linear with the story is what actually makes me like it more. In bioshock the world was big that at times I would get lost on where to go. What I do miss is the horror element from the first one. Plus Elizabeth as a companion is done perfectly. Especially in combat.

Rainstorm811909d ago

43 reviewers.....hmm not too bad

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