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iDigitalTimes writes:

"BioShock Infinite just isn't fun. A game that would feel the same watching someone play it as it would playing it yourself is not a game I want to buy."

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araman1913d ago

"And once I get through the whole thing"

So the game is empty to you, but you haven't even finished it? Uh huh.

Serjikal_Strike1913d ago

A reviewer that hasn't completed the game?
It's becoming way to common :/

FriedGoat1913d ago

Yeah, this is poor. I never bought into the hype of Bioshock 1&2, I thought they were pretty average to be fair and the shooting mechanics were crud. Now, Bioshock infinite I have been playing for several hours now and its stunning, all the little bits and pieces are so fine tuned. Great game so far and pushing my 580GTX to its limits.
Time to SLI me thinks.

NIN641913d ago

Don't feed hits to the trolls. . .

InTheLab1913d ago

If I haven't completed the game, there's not a single game I'd want to sit and watch someone else play.

Anyway, write something down when you're done with the game.....

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