Battlefield 4 in preview with bombast graphics thanks to Frostbite 3, but little innovation

Battlefield 4 is running at a 4K resolution, as PCG writes in its preview for the next DICE shooter.

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sherimae24131968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

are women not allowed to play this badboy?
because of this... :(
no female soldiers..

and its not even coming to WII U!

why EA?

LackTrue4K1968d ago

Wii u can't run battlefield 4 engine anyways.....

--Onilink--1968d ago

its coming on 360 and PS3... so yeah, it can run it

LOL_WUT1968d ago

Yea but it's a risky decision seeing how the Wii U isn't selling. ;)

e-p-ayeaH1968d ago Show
nthstew1968d ago

wii u ...wii u.. we will soon forget u.. so just wait for the pc or consoles versions anyway..
by the way wii is for kids..

SnakeCQC1968d ago

wii u isnt a next gen console

jams_shop1968d ago

You can still play it but it might have to be on PC or PS4/next xbox.

Kurt Russell1968d ago

What the hell are you talking about women can't play this? Don't be stupid.

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Mr-SellJack1968d ago ShowReplies(1)
KONAAs1968d ago

first of female in the front line if u become POW guess what ur gona be rapped, they gona perfor a train on evry single female soldier they capture,

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chukamachine1968d ago

There would not be enough sales on the wii.

Buy a PS4 or PC to play it.

AllroundGamer1968d ago

milking milking... Desert Combat mod and BF2 are still the best :P

AsheXII1968d ago

Really? So much talk and we cant even tell the difference

SnakeCQC1968d ago

what? it looks sooooo much better

Kinger89381968d ago

Im underwealmed by it visually from a pc bf3 player, looks almost the same except this has a better gritty look to it but nothing majorly increased

But until we see it in the flesh it doesnt matter

Atleast this shows that for pc players, if u run bf3 well at the moment, we may not require any upgrades to play this at the same level

KillerPwned1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

I have to agree with Kinger here I was impressed from the footage but as a PC gamer I ran BF3 on Ultra. This does not look insanely better. It looks better without a doubt though in a sense. Some of the textures are cleaner. The biggest change I saw was character animations.

I am curious though how the PS3/PS4 version will look the footage we saw was on PC probably at the max it could do at this stage in the games development. It is a sign of comfort for current PC BF3 players though. They may have worked out the engine to be easier on hardware.

In the end this game looks fantastic as a huge BF fan myself. I will buy it for PC and probably PS4 at some point. I personally believe though we will see the true power of this new Frostbite Engine 3 when the next BF is released in the future.

EDIT: I am truly looking for innovation though this gen. I think we have reached that level of visual quality to be pretty satisfied with the outcome.

In my closing statement the game looked fantastic I cannot wait for it. As a battlefield game the little taste it gave me from the single player portion seems a lot better than BF3 SP. I am not saying this game does not have innovation but that is what I am looking for now graphics really don't mean much.

KONAAs1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

AsheXII u are a dumbass, bf4 us runing at 4K how the hell are u gona see a difference if u aint got a monitor that suports 4K, even if ur seen it on Hd on a screen its way different seen it on a 4k screen in person, stupid ppl you 2 Kinger8938 are an idiot

AsheXII1968d ago

As far as i know you don't have a 4k Monitor either, how are you supposed to make such claims?

KONAAs1968d ago

im not making no claim but its obvious 4K looks way better than current HD thats why a 4K tv is above $20,000 price tag, go to sony exibit to see them in person ull see what i mean, ur the one saying it looks stupid when u havent seen it in 4K

coolmast3r1968d ago

Just cut off this stupid single-player campaign. And concentrate on multiplayer. Please.

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