Battlefield 4 May Feature An Always-Online DRM

DSOGaming: "Battlefield 4′s reveal trailer has been unleashed, and most gamers are amazed with its visuals. Truth be told, DICE’s upcoming FPS looks spectacular and is easily one of the best looking games we’ve ever seen. It’s not up to the standards of Deep Down, but then again we don’t know whether Capcom’s title will look as impressive as that tech demo or not. And even though a lot paid attention to some finer graphical details, it seems that none noticed a small pop-up message, hinting at a possible always-online DRM for the Single Player campaign of BF4."

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Neixus1916d ago

The majority ain't affected by this, only the few people who actually play the singleplayer. So i have no problem with this. (even though i dislike the concept of DRM)

Hufandpuf1915d ago

Battlelog served as a DRM for PC players. However, I believe that the top right info was just shown to show off the added features.

josephayal1915d ago

I don't blame companies for loading up their software with DRM in an attempt to stop people from pirating it

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1915d ago

I don't blame people for pirating it when companies load up their software with DRM.

Kennytaur1915d ago

If you're not playing Battlefield online anyway, you're doing it wrong. Unless it's a LAN-match. I don't like how the single-player is trying to mimic CoD, that's not Battlefield to me.

Somebody1915d ago

I thought I was having some sort of FPS fatigue when I passed the chance to buy some of the game that come out this this year. I even thought I would wait for some sales to buy them. Well, EA Spring Sale has started and no I was in no mood to buy any of them.

Now I realized that I was subconsciously boycotting EA for it's decisions over the past couple of months in particular enforcing micro transaction in all of it's future games and Crytek's going full on F2P. I thought I was OK with EA for allowing singleplayer to exist side by side with micro transaction but apparently not. I haven't bought a single EA game this year! I simply took notice of their launches, review scores and continue with my current games. In contrast I was torn between Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed 3, Dishonored ans Bioshock Infinite - all are Steam games.

The BF4 trailer was one of the few EA games that made me interested but again the social pop up is not required. Players should be able to disable it. How does knowing what some other people did somewhere else will help me fending off a Russian attack gunship? I'm still going to end up in a scripted set piece that will put me dangling outside the van while holding a grenade launcher to finish it off. Will gaining points for completing a previous singleplayer chapter will allow me to use the grenade launcher earlier when the helo first appear instead of at the end of a long chase scene (thus saving the friendly helo crew, the guy's leg and the whole team made it safely back to base)? Seriously, our character have been using a grenade launcher throughout the trailer.

What does these social pop ups do to my singleplayer experience? It's like watching "The Avengers 2" movie only to have some giant window pop up on the top corner of the IMAX screen telling us that "Batman VS Superman" had just broken the highest world wide grossing weekend ticket sales.

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