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Fix Bioshock Infinite's Stuttering on PC

IGN: While Bioshock Infinite is well optimised on PC, it's not without its hiccups. Here are some possible fixes for the annoying stuttering issue that many players are suffering from. (BioShock: Infinite, PC)

Bladesfist  +   732d ago
I lowered shadow detail from Ultra to High and that fixed it for me.
kevnb  +   732d ago
Background streaming was causing some issue for me, way better with it off. Seems to be an nvidia driver issue, but I'm confident they will fix it ASAP.
kneon  +   732d ago
Why is it that nvidia seem to have so many driver issues? The last machine I built used an nvidia 580 and it's been the source of almost all OS issues. When I build my Haswell machine I think I'll be back to AMD.
kevnb  +   732d ago
Ive had way more issues with amd drivers, not to mention nvidia issues almost always get fixed right away as compared to amd issues that linger on forever.
peowpeow  +   731d ago
AMD also gave me more problems. Mind you I RMA'd my card and got an upgrade, my HD6850 now is problem free, albeit outdated now
fossilfern  +   731d ago
@kevnb and Kenon

Theres drivers issues with both Nvidia and AMD but since going back to ATi/AMD I only ever had 1 driver issues in nearly 8 years. My old Nvidia SLi 7600GT rig was plagued with issues and my friend who was using a 560Ti was having nothing but issues with his card until he bought himself a 7950.
Coach_McGuirk  +   731d ago
AMD's historically known for having inferior drivers compared to Nvidia, just so you're in the know.
kneon  +   731d ago
I know it's supposed to be common knowledge that AMD drivers are inferior, but that just has never been my experience. And I've been building PC's for a long long time. I can remember when a 20Mb drive cost more than a current mid range PC.
OWWO  +   732d ago
stuttering is really pain in the ass
kB0  +   731d ago
Honestly this game looks really good, but the effects are at times extremely exaggerated... like the water effects in the beginning lol...it felt like I was high...

Anyways, turning shadows from Ultra to High, increases the frames massively. I can have the rest of graphic settings on max except this. Also the game has massive frame drops when changing areas...either way... I'm still hoping drivers and updates will help frames in the future.

The game looks great, but I think the frame rates are a little low for the unreal engine...
deadfrag  +   731d ago
Same were im running a gtx580 and a 2500k at 4.3ghz but the game is not running has it should some effects like extreme light shafts cause frames to dip from 60 to 30fps some places where the engine is not being stress at all the framerate dips;stuttering and frame dips entering new areas....I think the game is bad optimize overall because even if i change the settings from very high to low theres still the same frame dips in the same locations.Bioshock and Bioshock 2 i run at 160+fps and this game i cant get a steady 60fps on high without annoying dips and stuttering.
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kB0  +   731d ago
Yup, it seems like either there is alot more going on that we don't see, or unoptimized game:P.

time will tell:)
GABRIEL1030  +   731d ago
Nvidia released a parch to fix the tecnical problems with Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite. Still the games runs more stable in AMD card. 600USD for a graphic junky card that needs software for each game, what a waste of money....Now I understand Sony's decision to go with AMD was motivated not only for the price but also the problems with the software. I have AMD card and I'm very happy with It.
deadfrag  +   731d ago
The patch didnt do shit to the frame dips and stuttering,you get high frames average but the technical issues are still there on nvidia,i dont know how the game runs on AMD but this is a AMD bundle game;and most likely will run better.
CGI-Quality  +   731d ago
You're in another world if you think AMD cards don't, also, have problems with many games at launch.

It's the nature of the PC world, not exclusive to NVIDIA. What about all of the games that didn't have any issue at all when they launched?
Coach_McGuirk  +   731d ago
didn't you hear? AMD can do no wrong, now that its chips are in the ps4.
Agent_hitman  +   731d ago
I haven't played the game yet, but hopefully they'll fix the issue completely before I try it.
ginsunuva  +   731d ago
The new nvidia drivers literally increased my performance 35%
iamgoatman  +   731d ago
Stuttering is really bad here. Can maintain 60FPS most of the time with nearly everything maxed, but I have heavy stuttering when entering a new location, which happens every 10 seconds or so. Tried lowering texture detail, made no difference. Desperately needs patching.

Oh and DON'T change "bUseBackgroundLevelStrea ming" to false, it completely messes with the game. Had to backtrack a fair way through a level to trigger an event that didn't start because that setting wasn't in effect.
Stringer  +   731d ago
Changing the texture quality to Normal and using NVIDIA's adaptive Vsync has solved my problem entirely. It stutters once in a while but just to load the next part of the level.
CaulkSlap  +   731d ago
I just find it strange that Nvidia/AMD still need to release patches to make specific games play decently on the current hardware. You'd think by now game developers would put more effort into getting it running smoothly on the drivers out during development. I mean what else would you test it on?

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