Reddit User Gives Away $39,302 Worth of Xbox Live Codes

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

An article entitled, “Let’s Be Honest, Xbox Live Gold Has Become a Huge Ripoff” was trending on Reddit yesterday. Well, a user by the name of Redhook saw the post and decided to give away $39,302 of Xbox Live Gold codes.

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ApolloTheBoss1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

I remember that article. It was a nice gesture whoever that was from but that doesn't make it any less true.

Roper3161724d ago

A fool & his money are easily parted = Live Subscription ( just my opinion & you are entitled to yours )

At least someone gave back to the Live community cause all you will get from MS are extra fees & charges

BattleTorn1724d ago

"you get what you pay for" (just my opinion)

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1724d ago

This is especially true when you pay for crap.

Roper3161724d ago

to each their own, that's why I made sure to say it was a opinion because we all see things differently.

InMyOpinion1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

If PSN was as streamlined and worked as good as Xbox Live I wouldn't mind paying for it. Anyone who has used both knows that this isn't the case.

And therefore I don't see why anyone who enjoys online gaming should feel ripped off by using Xbox Live.

1nsaint1724d ago

MS not giving back is just not true..

I actually got messages from xbox that added a month of free xbox live, a free game, premium currency in games and even free dlc for some arcades.

There is also an xbox live reward program, that gives you MS points for completing actions like getting 1000 gamer score in a game and other things.

They Also got a great service if anything is wrong with your hardware, for example i got a free controller and headset from them, they let me keep the old ones.

Also a live subscription is like 3.50 a month... So why would you complain about such a small fee

Sorry if this all sounds like fanboy talk, but some of you PS guys just post shit that just isnt true.

Grap1724d ago

well if he just gave $39,302 for food and water to poor people wouldn't be that better.

rainslacker1724d ago

If I had to guess I'd say that the codes probably weren't authentic. They may have been valid, but likely created through shady practices. If they were valid, there is no reason to remove them.

Smashbro291724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

The only advantage is cross game chat which is far less valuable these days because of the advent of PC gaming.

SJPFTW1724d ago

I play on PC. Battlefield, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, Counterstrike w.e And to be able to have similar functionality similar to cross game chat you need either Ventrillo, Teamspeak etc. And those are not free, servers cost money.

Omni-Tool1724d ago

Unless you know how to host your own unlimited capacity server...

BattleTorn1724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

I feel inclined to point out that for many PC games cross game chat is achieved via 3rd-party programs - where as on Xbox it's a built-in feature.

(what SJPFTW said)

Jek_Porkins1724d ago

Actually there is a lot more to it then that in my opinion, but if it's your opinion I'll accept that.

Here's mine.

I use Xbox Live because it has been the standard and leader in console online gaming for over 10 years now, in the 8 years I've had an account I've never not been able to log online or use it, so it's very reliable.

I like the ability to appear offline, and as a clan leader, when one of my friends has someone they want me to try out, I can look at that persons Gamertag through my friends friend list. I know it might sound like something little, but a bunch of little things really adds up.

Sending voice messages, one to one chat, party chat, good chat quality, structured online with a report system, feedback system and reputation system.

You can actually fit a lot in your bio, including clan name, youtube channel, website ect....

You can set beacons that alert your friends when you want to play a certain game, and I just think it's better suited for social gameplay aspects, it's the Facebook of console online services.

As a gamer I think the $35 or so a year I pay is worth it, it doesn't matter to me what anyone else thinks about it. My money, my right, and gaming is a hobby, I don't think if I couldn't afford it that I should have gaming as my hobby. Luckily I can afford it and more.

maniacmayhem1724d ago

Well said Jek, very well said.

Smashbro291724d ago

I was just making an observation. I had Live for a year and when it ran out I was like "well... it's free to do this exact same thing sans a few features over there..."

AngryEnglish1724d ago

Jek Good post mate

Smashbro29, its not the exact same thing then......