Bioshock Infinite: How to Unlock 1999 Mode in 30 Seconds

Now usually this mode is reserved for players who want to first complete the game on hard mode, but with a few simple key strokes you can avoid all that needless enjoyment and get right to the meat and potatoes. While on the start menu input this CLASSIC Konami code of yesteryear!

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1916d ago Replies(1)
LordHiggens1916d ago

Why would anyone want to suffer through the hardest difficulty???

Philoctetes1916d ago

Challenge and a sense of accomplishment.

LordHiggens1916d ago

I'd rather enjoy my time and play the game through on a nice even flow than pull my hair out...I got too much stress in life to worry about an FPS. Oh well to each their own.

ArchangelMike1916d ago

I started playing the game on 'Hard', an to be honest I had to check a few times that it hadn't accidentaly spliped to 'Easy'. It just wasn't hard, at least not hard enough to be considered a Hard mode. I'm guessing that the 1999 mode is the real hard mode.

PureSophistry1916d ago

The difference between the two is crazy. I agree hard was very simple if you even TRIED to hide behind walls