Battlefield 4 skipping Wii U

Battlefield 4 will not see a release on Wii U, DICE has confirmed.

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Septic1967d ago

Well, this isn't good news but I think that Nintendo is the only company that can not only survive without strong third party support but also be successful.

Still, had Nintendo invested more in the tech inside the Wii U, they could have better secured more third party developers AND have their own games library to attract potential customers.

Nonetheless, I think gamers and the general public know what to expect from Nintendo and a 'hardcore' military FPS with strong PC multiplayer roots isn't really it.

aCasualGamer1967d ago

Wow, i'm starting to feel bad for the Nintendo WII U owners. There are alot of titles that aren't coming to the WII U.

Nintendo must reveal a new WII U with more power during E3, or they are doomed in next gen battle. They'll be the afterthought of many gamers.

Starfox-171967d ago

What are u pn about the wiiu will have good 3rd party games kid Beyonetta2,Watchdogs,Rainbow6, New COD,all NFS games same day as ps4 confirmed by Criterion,Best digital download only games by far,in fact its getting lots of cross platform steam/eshop games,and with games like Windwaker,X,Mariokart,and Smash bros i think 3rd partys will be licking nintendo's back side in 10 months.

BattleTorn1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

If they didn't need hardcore gamers, then why did they launch boasting ZombiU, Assassin's Creed, Batman, and Black Ops II?

(which was a lousy lineup, btw, I personally regret buying my Wii U considering how litte use it's gotten, and how many game (and only more to come) that are skipping it)

TheTwelve1967d ago

Nintendo doesn't want the WiiU to "survive". They want it to "thrive" with the other two competitors, I believe. The WiiU is supposed to take a share of 3rd party games and it is not happening.


WrAiTh Sp3cTr31967d ago

The only game that's not coming out on Wii-u that made me cringe a little was Metro:Last Light, everything else mentioned is a big "meh" for me. I mean I wouldn't even waste my loot buying them for my other consoles.

fatstarr1967d ago

they been doing it for years.

not 1 mainstream battle field or call of duty game was on the wii
or any non gimped , chibi or child morphed games on the wii,

I really dont mind, its a 2 system era anyway. I rather they make the decision easy then the game not sell and people bitch about wiiu's lack of sales. Nintendo gets their exclusives and different games,

next gen when everything is cookie cut on the next gen twins the wiiu will be shining with a bunch of exclusives and new ish games.

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Muffins12231967d ago

Who actually thought this could run on a wiiu?

Kennytaur1967d ago

If it can run on a 360, it can run on Wii U.

DeadlyFire1967d ago

Well Need for Speed Most Wanted U runs fine on WiiU with better than current gen graphics and Frostbite 2.x engine.

This is purely EA looking at the numbers with skepticism when they see Black Ops 2's sales numbers. EA won't skip WiiU if it had a larger install base.

Nintendo should reach out to EA if they want it on the system. Anyone want it on WiiU they should contact Nintendo. If X360/PS3 run this then WiiU definitely can and even make it look better while doing it. As most see WiiU as basically a X360/PS3 with a better graphics card. Either way.

nolifeking1967d ago

I don't think it can run on the 360. I think what we saw is reserved for next-gen.


More important question is;

Who actually bought a Wii U to play Battlefield 4?

I know I didn't. Real 'hardcore' gamers already own a gaming rig on which we can enjoy titles like BF4 in glorious 1080p and 4x MSAA.

We've basically been enjoying the stunning graphics that PS4 promises for many years now. Do I really need a $599 PS4 so that I can play 16 vs 16 matches of Battlefield with no dedicated servers and no mouse and keyboard?

No thanks. I'd rather spend my money on Nintendo exclusive experiences which can't be enjoyed on PC

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Starfox-171967d ago

Wiiu will be fine and Dice will need WiiU more than they think soon enough,and without early support they shouldnt expect fireworks if when they do decide to support it and every wiiu fps gamer is just happy with COD,then that will be there own fault because if you want to build fans on a console you have to either be willing to break even or make a small loss or profit to build momentum end of HOW THICK OF EA,there putting all there eggs in Sony and Microsofts basket i just hope they do well because it's no guarantee.

seanpitt231967d ago

I know dice is a big company but its just to much for them with bringing it to ps4 and next box and probably thinking thy wouldn't get the return back from the wiiu

Starfox-171966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Well lets see if they get there return then ?

Did u know Smash bros wiiu is out very soon and guys that is the most sold game in the US that isnt a multiplat ?

AngelicIceDiamond1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

"Speaking to last night, creative director Lars Gustavsson explained that the decision to skip Wii U was to "ensure that [the team] deliver something good", rather than "risking" the project by stretching the team too thin."

I guess this confirms that Nintendo is difficult to develop for. Needing separate teams to "innovate" the U version using the tablet and Nintendo software. Teams that EA doesn't want to "risk" the integrity of the product by developing for the U in fear of using to much resources, and manpower.

Man, I really hope Nintendo's developmental problems doesn't apply to all devs.

Whymii1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

This does not confirm anything about the supposed difficulty of developing games for the wii u. Fact is that games have been cheaply ported to the wii u and run reasonably well, so it's not hard to code. Problem is they haven't made profits.

It simply is DICE walking a fine line between keeping their masters at EA happy and not offending Nintendo. From EA's point of view they will only fund the game if they are confident to make a profit and the wii u looks shakey from a profit making point. No doubt if EA threw money at Dice to make a wii u version they would be saying something completely different.

It's nothing personal, just business. Maybe Nintendo should use some of the truck loads of cash they made with the wii and DS to fund third party titles. That may help with people's perception of Nintendo and lack of third party AAA title support.

lizard812881967d ago

EA is still butt-hurt that Nintendo didn't go with Origins, simple as that. Ever since then, they have been spitting on Nintendo. They have canceled all of their wiiu games and making this, it isn't next gen crap up. They were big supports of when the wiiu first was anncouned, but after nintendo said no, they did a 180 and now are saying it isn't next gen.

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jony_dols1968d ago

Youch. The Wii U doesn't seem to be attracting the support of 3rd party devs...

MikeMyers1967d ago

Nintendo needs to build relations from 3rd party by actually listening to them when making the console. Trouble is Nintendo has and will always live within their own bubble and do things their own way.

lilbroRx1967d ago

EA isn't the entirety of third party developers. Nintendo was fine without there support during the GC and Wii era. They will be fine during this one.

Honestly, Nintendo should "ban" EA from releasing anything on the console. They cause nothing but harm with their terrible, sub-par, overpriced ports

MikeMyers1967d ago

What about GTA 5 or Bioshock Infinite? These are high profile games by well known developers.

jony_dols1967d ago

Add to that list Tomb Raider, DMC, Metro: Last Light & still no conformation whether MGS is coming to the Wii U...

With the exception of Ubisoft, there is very little 3rd party support.

SonyNGP1968d ago

Guess they really are assmad about the whole Origin on Wii U thing xD

n4f1967d ago

i was thinking of the same thing

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