60fps not ruled out for next-gen Battlefield 4

DICE hasn't ruled out the idea of a Battlefield title running at 60 frames per second on console, telling that it is still exploring options offered by its new Frostbite 3 engine.

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Az1mov1909d ago

Well done DICE!! you guys are all over it. big BF fan, now just show us some MP footage around E3. A shame they always start w/ SP though.

Septic1909d ago

Yeah its good that they're on it but I understand how they don't know whether they can push 60fps this late in the game?

I'm oblivious to the development side of things however, but I don't see any reason why next-gen consoles (or the PS4 at least) can't run this effortlessly at 60fps.

reynod1909d ago

"why next-gen consoles (or the PS4 at least) can't run this effortlessly at 60fps"

Just get a PC and be done with it lol. Despite how equipped consoles get, devs will want to push graphics and when that happens consoles will be back to 720p 30fps. This is because most people dont even know about 1080p and most are used to 30fps gameplay anyways.

Graphics people can visually see, hence devs will prefer to push for 720p 30fps again on most games sooner or later, since that allows them to notch the graphics up. If you really want 1080p 60fps PC is your only real option. On console you will just be hoping an praying they do 60fps but really they will just cater to the masses. Since screenshots show graphics and FPS doesnt count in screen shots.

Septic1909d ago

I have a PC. In fact, I play BF3 on it but I would prefer this on consoles.

A great game is what I want; if the game doesn't run 1080p and 60fps but still looks impressive visually with all the destruction and player count then I'm going to go for the no-hassle console version.

Az1mov1909d ago

I really don't usually buy my game on all platforms, but I shamefully did for BF3 graphics=PC community=x360 best friends=PS3. I got the best of both worlds player count on PC and relaxing on the couch w/ my consoles. I hope I won't have to do it again for BF4 though.

MikeMyers1908d ago

It's a little troubling how this early they are already questioning if the next gen consoles can even handle 1080p and 60fps. PC games will continue to raise the bar. I guess if I had to pick one or the other I'd probably go with games being in 1080p.

Ju1908d ago

At this time experience with next gen consoles is limited. Even if the whole game is done, a lot of time is spent in the last weeks and month to optimize the game (e.g. GOW got reached almost extra 10fps compared to the demo due to polishing the code). Final metal of consoles is available now, whatever runs on it so far is built for an performance envelope but sure hasn't been optimized yet. It took devs 5 years to find creative ways to push current gen consoles; I would not expect next gen consoles to reach there full potential at launch.

1908d ago
DeadlyFire1908d ago

Console [email protected] seems possible for this. I am doubtful 1080 will hit 60 fps.

There are lots of decisions about trade offs. Optimizations and scaling when it comes to reaching 60 fps on a console.

If it can stay fluid at a solid 30+ fps then I will be happy.

Noone really knows just yet how far and how fast GPGPU/OpenCL extentions in OpenGL/DirectX11 APIs will push frames. Its a new world of development really. Give it some time we might see 1080 at 60 fps.

1080 at solid 30+ fps isn't bad. For 720 screens we could see 60 fps even so.

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solar1908d ago

SUPERCHARGED PC. that cant run games at 1080p at 60 fps.

hakis861908d ago

It's still too early to know how games will run most of the time on the PS4/XB720, but I have a suggestion:

Why not have some "presets" in the games (in BF4 for example)..: Choose between:
1080p @ 30 FPS with a set amount of details+effets
720p 60FPS with more FPS, perhaps more details thanks to the lower resolution.

Would that be cool, or lame?

Of course, I would want every game to run at 60FPS 1080p :) But it seems like Killzone is capped at 1080p 30FPS, if it were to run at 60FPS, would they have to lower the graphics?

Exciting times!

DwightOwen1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

But, but... 8GBGDDR5RAMFTW!!!!

M-M1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

Why wouldn't it be? If it isn't able to for current generation consoles, I understand. For next generation it should be no problem.

Roccetarius1909d ago

It wouldn't surprise me if they sacrificed it for shiny graphics tbh.

RememberThe3571909d ago

Well it will be if we make it that way. I'm just gonna say this now; if your making a shooter for next gen and you don't make that shit at least 45 fps, you're a shit developer and I hate you.

Septic1909d ago

Lol what? Are you being serious?

M-M1909d ago

That's not very nice.

Danniel11909d ago

I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and say you don't really know anything about development.

Tundra1909d ago

This guy takes his games too seriously.

RememberThe3571908d ago

HAHA You guys took that seriously? I'd love to hear the way you read that then, you clearly took that the opposite way I intended.

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ExitToExisT1909d ago

I assumed 1080p and 60 fps would be standart for all games on next gen consoles , after the 'amazing' 8gb ram announcement...

Apocwhen1909d ago

It's the power of the Graphics chip that will decide if it can run at 1080p/60, and according to the gfx chip that will come in the PS4, it won't be able to do that for this game based on the same components for PC.

That's not to say the engine won't be further optimized for the PS4 hardware though and then be able to do 1080p/60.

But based on equivalent hardware and graphics card on the PC, it doesn't do this.

SAE1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

I don't mind 30fps if the graphics or gameplay evolve and give us wow factor again. If you port battlefield 3 pc version to the ps4 you will get the 60fps/1080p because the game doesn't need the power of battlefield 4. So 60fps/1080p depend on the game. I bet most of the games gonna get them but AAA titles won't be able to do it and that's fine because they are giving us something else..

Anonagrog1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

Keep in mind that Sony's next-gen libgcm api for the PS4 and Microsoft's dx11 variant api for the next Xbox will both be designed for those specific architectures in mind. The current generation of consoles are known to pull 2-3 times the draw call count of a PC with similar spec graphics chip - there's quite a high abstraction penalty on the PC versus the 'coding to the metal' possible with consoles apis.

Comparing hardware specs of a console to a PC counterpart only works on paper, but seldom applies to reality.

DeadlyFire1908d ago

Well technically even so the developers haven't had much time since that announcement for PS4. So we could see something more at a later point. For them to say they haven't ruled it out might mean they are pretty close to it without optimizing much. By E3 they will confirm its number of frames they say. :)

ExitToExisT1908d ago

You seriously think developers saw ps4 specifications at the announcement? They have the dev-kits with the announced hardware for more than a year.

Chard1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

edit - thought 60fps was already confirmed but apparently that was just speculation

isarai1908d ago

Ah i thought the same, i thought it was said by an actual representative of DICE?

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